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    Is this normal?

    OK...so nothing with Crohns is "normal", but...I just had a bowel resection 8/9 (open). They took out 8 inches of the ileum and a few inches of the colon. Doc said I had extra intestines ??? and I guess he removed those as well. Well I have had several abdominal surgeries before and this is...
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    Bowel Resection Questions

    Hi guys! I am going to see a surgeon on Tuesday (27th) for bowel resection in the terminal ileum. I am just curious of what to expect with this surgery. I am pretty sure that since I have had many other abdominal surgeries, I will not be a candidate for laparoscopy. I am wondering if they do...
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    Oh The Places You Will Go!

    Ok...I just had to share this. I can't believe they actually have these, but I thought if you're a traveling Crohnie, you might want to invest in this little contraption.
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    Ok...I have a question...and to be real honest this is very embarrasing for me to ask. How do you know you have a fistula? I am just wondering because I have begun having air escape the lady parts - this is unusual for me and quite embarrassing to say the least. Has anyone else had these...