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    How likely is Crohn's colitis to evolve into affecting the small bowel

    Does anyone know what the likelihood is of Crohn's that starts as Crohn's colitis only remaining in the colon and not affecting the small bowel?
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    Can EEN help cutaneous Crohn’s (skin manifestations)?

    I’ve had it help arthritis but am wondering if it would help my cutaneous Crohn’s. I’m debating on starting it again.
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    Are all oral meds ok to take while on EEN, and will EEN possibly help meds work better?

    I’m going to attempt EEN. Last time I tried it I did physically see my arthritis go down, but when I changed the fat I was using (I was making my own formula), I got worse again and couldn’t get back to where I was before. This time I’m going to try Ensure or Boost. Can I take all my oral meds...
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    Anti-map doctors in the US

    Does anyone have any contacts for any anti-map doctors in the US that would be willing to work with my local GI? Two of the doctors I’ve tried to contact are retired and the other two are at the Center for Digestive Diseases in Australia, and they’re telling me I need to be a patient if theirs...
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    Double-biologic therapy with Entyvio to control extra-intestinal symptoms

    I doubt this will get many if any responses since it's uncommon, but does anyone have experience using an additional biologic with Entvyio? I'm on it now and it's kept my gut in check for years but my extra-intestinal symptoms, mainly arthritis and iritis, have been flaring for about a year and...
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    Tacrolimus experiences

    I did some searching and it doesn’t look like many people are on this, but I thought I’d check anyway. Can anyone share their experiences with this drug? Most importantly how long did it take to kick in and did you have high potassium levels on it? I’m actually on Entyvio which is working for...
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    Which is worse, long term use of prednisone or long term inflammation

    I've been in a flare that doesn't involve my gut (Entyvio is taking care of that) but involves arthritis and iritis. I started on a really high does of Prednisone, 80 mg and I was supposed to taper very slowly, 80 mg for 2 weeks, 60 mg for a month, but I couldn't handle the side effects and so I...
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    Methotrexate for arthritis and iritis: how long for it to work

    I’ve read that Methotrexate can take from 6-12 weeks to work, and I’m wondering for those who are on it, how long did it take for you to notice a difference. I’ve been in a flare for 9 months with the main symptom arthritis with intermittent iritis, but this last iritis flare seems to becoming...
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    What to expect from fistula surgery

    My first anal fistula showed up after an abscess I had in 2011. Since then the abscesses seem to keep moving up my left butt cheek to where I've had 4 abscesses now all stemming or connected to the same fistula. None of mine have never healed up. I am feeling fine otherwise and seem to be in...
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    Is draining an abscess always necessary?

    I have had several abscesses before, two which developed into fistulas. One of the fistulas I have has seemed to have branched out and created two abscesses. The abscesses I've had before were so painful that I had to have them drained right away or else they burst on their own. The most...
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    EEN worked first time but doesn't seem to be working now

    I did exclusive enteral nutrition for 6 weeks about 2 months ago. It brought my CRP into normal levels after being in the 50s and got rid of my arthritis swelling and pain as well. Unfortunately when I added foods back in, I got symptoms back right away. I tried to go back to EEN for a couple...
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    Do strictures cause pain?

    I have Crohn's colitis, and I had a flare recently where I have tried exclusive enteral nutrition to calm it, and I'm also on Imuran. Surprisingly the enteral nutrition worked brining my CRP down, and I've been in the process of trying to add foods back in, but keep having relapses. I have...
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    Adding back foods after EEN, how to know if you need to go back to EEN

    So I have completed 6 weeks on EEN, and thank God it actually worked for me! I tried to do the LOFFLEX diet but got symptoms back within a few days, so I went back onto EEN for a couple days and started the elimination diet where you add one food back at a time. I was doing OK but then tried...
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    Enteral diet with extra intestinal symptoms

    I wasn't sure if I should start at new thread for this one but anyways, I've been on my own enteral diet (maltodextrin, coconut oil, protein isolate and vitamins) for 2 weeks now. I have Crohn's colitis and am also on Imuran, which was working well for about 4 months. I get arthritis with my...
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    How long to use enteral nutrition when also using meds

    Hi, I have Crohn's colitis which hasn't been very easily controlled since I first was diagnosed. I flared a large part of last year and was finally hospitalized last summer and put on IV steroids and TPN while we waited to see if Imuran was going to work. (I have already failed Remicade...
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    Has anyone who failed biologics went on to Imuran with success?

    I had initial response to Remicade with Methotrexate but then lost response after a few months. Humira only worked on my extra intestinal symptoms and not my bowel. I recently got out of the hospital and was on IV steroids, now oral, and currently on TPN. I've been on Imuran for about 7 weeks...
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    Triple antibiotic therapy/anti-MAP

    I've seen a few posts of people on this protocol, and I'm interested in doing it myself. I'm not sure my GI will prescribe it for me, so I was wondering if anyone would be able to share their prescribing doctor if he or she is in the U.S., and of course if your doctor would be OK with posting...
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    LDN questions

    I have some questions for those of you who've had success with LDN. How long did it take to kick in? Did you have severe disease? Are you using it with other therapies? Did you have to alter your diet for it to work, and if so, how?