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    Immunosupressants and Shingles

    Hello, I found some posts where people reported coming down with Shingles after being on immunosuppressants but could not find follow-up discussions regarding recurrence or suppressive treatment options. I recently had an attack of Shingles and the GI and Dermatologist team confirmed it is...
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    Managing Fistulizing Crohns without Biologics

    Hi all, I am just curious and interested if anyone has insight into managing fistulizing crohns without biologics. It appears that the default and preferred method of treatment is using biologics. I am currently on Humira and was on Remicade earlier. What prompted me to post this is the...
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    Can a Seton do More Harm than Good

    Hi, Posting this question as it seems more subjective than objective. I had a draining Seton placed last November and switched to Humira from Remicade. Since switching to Humira, I twice experienced an almost full healing of fistula which soon retrogressed to formation of a painful granulated...
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    Sine-Curve: Fistuala Treatment with Humira

    Hello All, I also posted this on Fistula Support Group but wanted to consult here as well. I previously was on Remicade and switched to Humira last December (2013). Just writing to share my experience with my fistula that has been so resilient and unpredictable. How I am responding resembles a...