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    SCD - $14.00 Yogurt Maker

    This is a great deal on a yogurt maker. Yogourmet Multi Electric Yogurt Maker with Yogurt and CBA Starter by Yogourmet on sale at Amazon for $13 and change. Shipping was about $10.00. I have been using this yogurt maker for the last year and it works great, when you add the requried light...
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    Paleo Diet - Words of Wisdom

    Hi I have crohn's and do SCD. I just bought a book on the Paleo Diet. I do not know much yet but I did go to a Paleo site and looked at some recipes and the few I looked at could be used without any modifications on the SCD. I was wondering if anyone has any comments or words of wisdom. Is...
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    New Member - SCDer

    Hi My name is Davie I was DX about 1 1/2 years ago. I started SCD right away. I am in remission. I take pentassa, entocort, SCD B complex, d3, SCD multi, fish oil. I was reading the SCD tread and there is so much misinformation there I think I can help Dave