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    My story, any advice welcome!

    Hello, I'm meeting with my GI next week, and would appreciate any advice. It looks like I'm in a early stage of Crohn's colitis. Any suggestions about possible medicines or things to ask the GI? I'm in the process of being diagnosed and treated for Crohn's disease in my sigmoid colon. So...
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    Anti-Depressants Wellbutrin/Bupropion?

    Has anyone tried anti-depressants to reduce inflammation in the gut? Some studies suggest Wellbutrin/ Bupropion might inhibit TNF-alpha production. Thinking about trying it. Wondering if it's helped anyone with gut inflammation.
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    colonoscopy biopsy question

    I had a colonoscopy in march with unspecific inflammation in my sigmoid colon and inflammatory polyps. Just did a second upper and lower endoscopy. I'd really appreciate any thoughts or info on what my biopsy report means? From my sigmoid colon: "biopsy fragments show acute colitis with...
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    Does anyone know if blesphartis can be related to Crohn's? A few weeks ago I got a strange stye in my eye. I've never had one before. Painful, swelled large, bled a lot. I looked like I got into a bar fight. The GP and the optometrist had not seen a stye act like that. It's a couple of weeks...
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    Iron IV treatment

    I had my first iron IV session today. It went well with no side effects. I'm hoping these infusions will help my fatigue. Four more sessions to go over the next few weeks.
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    inflammatory polyps

    Does anyone else have inflammatory polyps? I'm in the processed of getting diagnosed. My GI specialist is pretty sure it's Crohn's. And the surgeon who did my colonoscopy in March said it looks like Crohn's. But I don't have ulcers. Does/did anyone have these polyps in their colon or...
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    VSL #3

    I've been tentatively diagnosed with Crohn's. Inflammation & pseudo polyps seen in the colon. My mother's friend, who has ulcerative colitis, recommended VSL #3. I'm thinking of trying it out. Does anyone else use it?
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    I am very confused: New Crohn's Diagnosis

    I am confused. Did anyone else have inflammatory polyps in their sigmoid colon when first diagnosed, but no other biopsy/microscopic or visual colonoscopy indications? History: Blood upon wiping for years. In more recent months, I saw, occasionally, blood in stools. I had a colonoscopy 9...
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    upper endoscopy

    How common is it to have a upper endoscopy if one has no symptoms nausea or upper-abdominal pain? Were you all routinely scheduled it in your initial diagnosis if your symptoms were diarrhea/ lower colon related? Brief history: A few months ago, experienced an episode of diarrhea...