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    Why doe GI's continue

    The same drug therapy a patient is using even after the patient needs surgery? What's your thoughts? Sue
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    Basil cells anyone

    Just curious....I have a small basil cell on the top of my head? Has anyone had to chg meds cause of this? I'm on mercapturine, allopurinol and pentassa. Oh and vitamins..anyone?:ybatty::ybatty::ybatty:
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    C-Diff In "Normal" Elderly

    Hi All, I am a crohnie..but my 92 year old grandma isn't. She has had c-diff for just about 3 months. Anybody here familiar with how long the antibiotic treatment should be? She was off of them for about 2-3 weeks and got sick with c-diff again...What is everyones expert thoughts?
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    Crohns Hobo

    Anybody hear from him? The last I read he was trying two meds? Cronshobo...where are you! Sue:ycool:
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    Just curious...Growing up I had no symptoms for IBD. I did however have acne and took antibiotics and accutane, At 18 (stupid me - or not) I started smoking. Around 23, I noticed something was up with my bms..Didn't take to much into it. Around age 28ish--I quite smoking - for me and my then...
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    Pouch O Scope

    Well, I leave in a few minutes for a scope. Not a colonoscopy...A scope of my pouch. A year ago I was diagnosed with Crohns...My J Pouch was filled with crohns :( I will be curious to see if the 6mp has been working. I will let you all know...Keep your fingers, legs & arms crossed! :ylol:Sue
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    I just found this article... http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE63F3AW20100416?pageNumber=1 If anyone has time to read it, let me know what you think...I believe my trigger is stress..What can we do?! I have been stressed most of my life...Is there some kind of med that we can take...This...
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    Increased pain

    :ybatty: So, I am feel good for some time, I tried a salad..and oh the pain and bm trips! That started last Friday. Am I nuts for eating a salad! What was I thinking! I am hoping that I am just irritated inside and this will go away...I am so mad at myself, I felt ok for a whole...
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    Monthly pain in left side of abdomen

    Okay, I've been putting this off for a while. BUt, about once a month...I get this real strong pain...On my left abdomin..Not near my lady parts. Its a tight, feeling like something is being cut off...like curculation or something. It last sometimes for two days. But then it goes away, only...
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    Peters Principles

    Here is an inspiration for all of us.... http://petersprinciples.com/ Link in and let us all know what you think... Sue
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    6mp-Mercapturine etc HAIR LOSS!

    I know I've seen some posts on the hair loss. I've been on it for a year, and good thing I've got a full head of hear....Has anyone gone bald on this medication? Or just very thin? Also, has anyone had any luck with Biotin Vitamin? ITs supposed to help with hair loss? Sue:bat:
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    Ouch...I had some stomach pain this week...at least I hope thats what it is. And now omg! heartburn...Anybody get this? Is it crohns? Or dinner? :ywow::ywow:Sue
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    Heartburn & Pentassa

    So, does anyone get heartburn from the Pentassa or is it the Crohns. I'm no longer on the Prednisone and haven't been for a couple of weeks. What do you guys think? Sue
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    6mp & Allinpurinol

    So, my GI called me today, after being on 6mp for two months I need to cut to a quarter of a pill and take allinpurinol. Did anyone have to do this? And I am so confused..I didn't even think to ask--what effect this all has on me?!! Any words of wisdom....Sue
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    6mp Question

    So, for you peoples who have had some success with 6mp or know some more than I do...I have been on it for 7 1/2 weeks at 50 mg a day. I am down to 5 mg pred and still doing the cortisone enemas....I notice that I am more gassey (is that a word?) and I have more mucous. My questions are, how...
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    Anyone from Michigan? Like the metro area? Sue
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    Probiotics and Prebiotics

    I've posted this before, but I found an article on probiotic and prebiotic use to get crohns under control: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/bsc/jgh/2007/00000022/00000008/art00009 I hope you guys get read it. And if someone can interpret what kind of over the counter probiotic and...
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    Okay, so--If you kept up on my posts you will see that I had major issues with my bottom and my "rectum". Ehhh..sorry...I hate this disease. Its so not lady like. Anyway, I started 6mp abt 3 almost 4 weeks ago, am on 15 mg of predn and pentassa. Yesterday, I noticed a little thing when I...
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    Does anyone know the link for accutane to IBD? I am just curious...I took it about 30 years ago..OMG now you probably know how old I am!!! But, with kids in puberty I am wondering what the connection is? Is there already a link or a post on it? Sorry if I am repatative...Sue
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    Weird Shooting Pains

    Well...does anyone get these weird strange shooting pains around their butt area? Sorry for being graphic...but you know for us ladies...both areas seem to have some shooting pains? Are these from crohns? Its been on and off for a couple of days...nothing unbearable...but(t) it feels like I...