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    Knuckle Lump, Thyroid Nodule, Skin Issues

    I've been on Entyvio for some time and have had 5-6 infusions. My doc hasn't requested any blood work since I've started the Entyvio. I do not these symptoms are Entyvio related or I would have posted there. Does anyone else have any of this? Recently, I have been so tired--not my typical...
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    Swollen Lymph Nodes on Entyvio

    My first infusion was 12/2. I had flu-like symptoms immediately afterward. A headache began during the infusion and was resolved on Day 12. I had never experienced swollen lymph nodes before but my neck and groin areas are swollen and it is painful. I had my 2nd infusion and I want to sleep...
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    So Depressed

    I thought I found a Dr. I could trust. On our first visit I explained how I react on steriods and begged him not to prescribe them ever. I asked that a note be added to my chart. I told him my life was finally back on track and I could not handle any kind of steroid because I get darkly...
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    Humira, Stress and Not Liking My Dr. Vent

    I started my Humira loading doses almost two weeks ago. This Friday is a regular dose. My specialist keeps pushing me to eat regular foods and I am tired of it. Drinking bone broth and drinks such as Ensure and Boost have not hurt my stomach. I have some extreme stress at work that has been...
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    Brand New

    Hi all. On January 12th, it was a normal day at work. When I got home, I couldn't keep any liquids down. I continued to vomit every 15-20 minutes until I went to the emergency room. Fortunately, the staff there noted that something was wrong and did an x-ray, labs, CT scan, etc. Long story...