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    I'm back!

    I'm back! I've been off the forum since early October. The reason is I've been diagnozed with a brain tumor and had surgery in October. Two weeks after my brain surgery, my son, who has crohn, had surgery on his terminal ilium, after being hospitalized three times in two weeks. Since my...
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    Remicade Question

    How long are you supposed to be on remicade before it takes affect? And how long can you be on it?
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    Bulletin Boards for Kidney Stones

    I just learned that I've got kidney stones, along with what may also be a urinary tract infection. I'd live to be able to find a bulletin board for those ailments - similar to this one for crohns - and am just wondering if anyone has any suggested sites.
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    Terminal Ilium Strictures Surgery

    My son's GI has mentioned surgery to remove diseased sections of my son's terminal ilium. I know almost nothing about what the terminal ilium is, what it does, and what the risks may be when it is operated on. I am looking for feedback from anyone who can give me background. Thanks.
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    Risks of terminal ilium surgery

    My 11 year old son has had two eipisodes of extreme abdominal pain, along with vomiting and retching - both episodes over a period of about 8 - 10 hours. After a CT scan and endoscopy and colonoscopy, it confirmed terminal ilium strictures which I think are most likey permanent, from scarrning...
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    Crohns flare and diagnostic tests.

    My son may have one or more of the following tests this week. Just looking for help with the following (short?) list of questions. 1. Can a CT scan looking for inflammation, strictures, or both? 2. Does a colonoscopy look for inflammation, strictures or both? 3. Does an endoscopy look...
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    Peristaltic Waves

    Looking for any information on something called "Peristaltic Waves." My son has recent episodes of severe abdominal pain, vomiting and retching. These episodes came in waves (over the course of 10 hours), initially over an hour apart and, at the end, occurring more frequently, like 30 minutes...
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    Crohn's Flare

    My son is back in the hospital right now. Last night and this morning he had a number of episodes of retching, with little coming up except a little bit of clearish liquid sometimes. He has been on remicade and flagyl, and has been tapering off of prednisone. The challenge for us is to try to...
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    Back in the hospital again.

    My 11 year old son unfortunately is back in the hospital today. This morning he was spitting up a lot - some productive, some not. We called his GI office and they recommended we take him to the emergency room. He had been diagnosed last year with terminal ilium strictures (which is a a...
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    Remicade - why is it given in a hospital?

    My son is getting his second remicade infusion today, and it will be done in a hospital, over a four hour period. Just wondering - why are remicade treatments administered this way, versus something like 6mp, which if I understand correctly is taken by the patient as a pill (maybe even at home?)?
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    Fistulas and Leaky Gut

    My son was recently hospitalized to drain an abcess. The abcess had an incomplete fistula - that is, there was a tunnel but the other end didn't reach all the way anywhere else. My question is - is the presence of an abcess and / or a fistula have any correlation to leaky gut?
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    Remicade treatment question

    I have a question about remicade treatments. My 11 year old son received his first remicade treatment this week (the bottle said "remicade INJ 140 MG 264 ml"). My question pertains to the theory behind how the remicade is given. My son's first treatment took place this week. In two weeks he...
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    My son's in surgery right now for abcess.

    My son's in surgery right now for an abcess. They are hoping it is drainable because, if it is, they will drain it with a needle. If there are fistulas they will put in a stringy thing called a ceton, to keep the fistula open and drainable. Later his DI wants to get him started on 6mp and...
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    Remicade vs. Humira

    Just wondering what the major differences are between Remicade and Humira. I know that Remicade has some mouse proteins in it, which I understand is the source of antibody production when using Remicade, which can cause a problem with going back on Remicade if you stop for a period of time. If...
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    Risks of fistula surgery

    My 11 year old son has an abscess, and maybe fistulas. We're being advised that surgery is needed if he has the fistulas. But, a resident gave us the warnings - this type of surgery can conceivably cause incontinence and damage to the sphincter muscle (though he didn't think it was likely in...
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    Does 6mp and remicade help fistulas?

    We're being advised to have surgery for my son, who has an abcess and possibly fistula(s). Actually, they will put my son under anesthetic and look at the abscess. If they see fistulas then they will do surgery for that. But the doctors want to put him on 6mp and remicade at the same time...
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    fistulas My son has an abcess which the doctor say may become (or started from?) a fistula. They are considering whether to see if antibiotics will work on it, versus surgery. Just wondering what anyone things about a surgical approach. Thanks.
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    Need some 6mp / remicade quick advice!

    My 11 year old son is in the hospital right now, being treated for an abcess in / near his butt related to his crohns. The abcess wasn't responding to oral antibiotics, so he was admitted to the hospital and put on an IV to receive heavier duty antibiotics. He will also have an MRI to help...
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    Flagyl and Rifaxamin Antibiotics

    Wondering if anyone has had experience taking either of the antibiotics Flagyl or Rifaxamin. Thanks.
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    6 Mp

    I'm looking for information about a drug called 6 MP. I believe it stands for 6-mercaptopurine, some sort of immune system suppressant. My son's last blood test showed more inflammation and his doctor was raising the suggestion of considering 6 mp for him. Right now he is on an ng feeding...