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    Anyone ever discontinue Humira?

    Hello all Curious to know if anyone successfully come of humira and tried an alternative treatment such as medical marijuana with any success? I have had a couple of complications with humira over the past few months. A leg wound that became necrotic and would not heal, a dental bone graft that...
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    N Acetyl Glucosamine and Humira

    Hi All Does anyone take N Acetyl Glucosamine and HUmira? I recently purchased this supplement as I heard it is supposed to be good for healing intestinal lining but in doing my research has found that it works to target T Cells which is what I think the Humira does as well. Anyone have any...
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    Morning friends, I've been on humira for about 8 months now. Most recent scope still shows a stricture at my terminal ileum. Doc says it's not getting worse, but doesn't appear to be getting better. Have been symptom free for many months but recently am noticing distension and bloating. In the...
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    Ducolax/Miralax Split Prep

    Hi Friends, I am scheduled tomorrow at 1030 for a colonoscopy. However, this is the first time I am using the split prep. I took the 4 ducolax at 1:45, and then the first 32oz of the miralax Gatorade mixture between 5-6... Still nothing. Called the doc's answering service - left a message. Has...
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    Humira/Blood Blisters

    Hi all! Recently started Humira. Just took my second dose on Saturday.... All i suppose is well, except for the fatigue which has been there since before I was hospitalized over the summer. Has anyone discovered blood blisters in their mouth since starting on this? I noticed last night a blood...
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    Humira questions, starting soon

    Hello all Hope everyone's feeling well today. My humira is going to be delivered today, I am not due to start it until Friday... Any thoughts on how this has worked for others? I am pretty upset about it, considering I had to get a flu and pneumonia shot and I am so so against the flu shot. I...
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    Ocular Migraines

    Hi all Has anyone experienced this before? This just happened to me while I was on the train to work. I was trying to read my book and there was this wiggly flashing light in my right eye, starting at the bottom of my vision and completely blocking my peripheral vision. Freaked me out, thought...