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    Diarrhea and Remission - Do Foods Trigger This?

    Hello, I'm already 2 months in remission (infliximab + imuran induced calpro < 50, no diarrhea, cramps..). Occasionally, I get diarrhea time to time (about 3x per month). I think that some foods trigger this. I could not identify the cause because I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and other...
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    Stelara not working after 5 months.. lost 25kg

    Hello, I would like to get advice from crohn's forum. My story: April 2020, I have got itchy skin (without rash) and diarrhea(6x/day). After 3weeks I have been hospitalized with respiration problems, severe diarrhea (8x/day). After urgency colonoscopy, they found ulcers in ileum/caecum and...