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    Inflammation but not Crohn’s?

    I had a colonoscopy and upper gastric endoscopy Wednesday. My GE took a bunch of biopsies, and we’ll discuss the results when he gets them back in two weeks. He didn’t mention Crohn’s after the procedure (he spoke with my friend, not me) and told her he didn’t see anything he believed was...
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    Gastroenterologist In Austin area

    Can anyone recommend a good gastroenterologist in the Austin, TX area? Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, etc?
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    Overweight with Crohns?

    I saw my GE for the first time since another doctor suggested I might have Crohns. She ordered a colonoscopy and endoscopy, but said I probably don’t have Crohns because I don’t have diarrhea every day and am not under weight or losing weight. But that’s wrong, isn’t it? I know people with...
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    PTSD triggered by exams

    I have PTSD from physical and sexual child abuse and also being raped as an adult. Years ago, when I sought help for bloody diarrhea (I suspected cancer—didn’t know anything about Crohns then) my usual GP had left on maternity leave and I was stuck with a male doctor I had never seen before...
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    Confused About Crohns

    I’m 48 and was diagnosed with IBS in my thirties. I was also diagnosed with HS, stage 2. My GP at the time told me to ignore the blood in the toilet after BMs because I was just scaring myself. I struggled with episodes of frequent, urgent diarrhea, anal fissures, bloating and gas every few...