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    Anybody tried Neem for crohn´s?

    I use Neem in saltwater every time my dog has an eye infection and it has worked every time. I´m therefore thinkng about adding it to food and try to see if it has any effect for crohn´s. Are there anybody here in this forum who have tried this and can share any experiences?
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    Intra juice for crohn´s?

    Are there anybody here who have tried Intra juice for Crohn disease? Did it help?
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    Leaky gut and Zonulin blockers?

    Have there been any progressions in the development of Zonulin blockers, and if so, has it been tried on people with Crohn´s disease?
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    Weight gaining food for Crohn´s?

    I have lost more than 10 kg since I got Crohn´s and need to know which food I have to eat in order to gain weight. I want to stay clear from red meat. I have noticed that chicken fat is laxative in my gut system, so I can´t eat much of that either. Are there anybody here who can give me some...
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    Raw vs. boiled vegetables?

    I use to blend raw vegatables in a blender, but will it be more digestable and beneficial for the gut if I boil them before I blend them?
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    Coenzyme Q10?

    Anybody here with any experiences? Is it beneficial for Crohns?
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    Smoked salmon?

    I suspect that smoked salmon gives me diarhea next day. Anybody else here with the same experience?
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    Dried and shredded coconut?

    Anybody here with experience? I need to add fat into my meshed fruit and vegetables and need to know if this will give a looser stool. In opposite to almonds and avocados, it has a low fodmap.
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    Milk kefir vs. water kefir..

    Is it true that milk kefir is very much better than water kefir? Have anybody here with Crohn´s disease any experiences using both milk and water kefir with different results? https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/water-kefir-versus-milk-kefir/
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    Ramson, Bear Garlic for Crohn´s?

    Ramson, Bear Garlic for Crohn´s? Ramson / Bear's garlic / Bear paw garlic / Broad-leaved garlic / Buckrams / Gypsy onion / Hog garlic / Wild garlic / Wild wood garlic / Wood garlic. This plant has many names. I read that it has a very strong anti inflamatory effect and can be used for...
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    How can we avoid need for surgery?

    We need to cut of a part of our gut when it narrows because of inflamation scars in the gut. But is it possible to avoid this shrinking by eating foods and herbes which prevent inflamation? If we keep the number of flare-ups down to a minimum by eating special diet, will we then be safe, or...
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    Water kefir grains. Durability.

    I bought some grains on Ebay and have now tried these grains 2 times and I`m not sure that they work properly. I let the kefir sit for 48 hours at 75 degr F. and the weight of the grains hasn´t doubled, and the kefir taste very sweet. Do you think that the long shipping time may have killed...
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    Can Buckwheat trigger a flare up?

    I have had very soft stool the last days and need to know if Buckwheat may be the reason. I included Buckwheat in my baked bread and I know the labels on some of the Buckwheat packs tells that it can contain traces of Gluten. Are there anybody else here with the same experience?
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    Oregano oil?

    Are there anybody here who have any experiences with Wild oregano Oil?
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    Rowan berries for Crohn´s?

    Rowan berries for Crohn´s? Are there anybody here who have tried Rowan berries for Crohn´s diseas? These berries are very easy to harvest in the wild.
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    When to take azatioprin after food?

    The advice on the paper in the pill package tells that this medicine should be taken at least 3 hour after food or milk. But what about other liquid drinks such as bone broths, amino acids or hemp juice? Would the effect be the same?
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    Can to much Garlic cause diarrhea?

    Are ther any advice for how much Garlic we should it during the day and how to prepare them in order to get the best health benefits? Will raw or cooked Garlic be a better choice than fying it?
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    Eating whole blueberries?

    I have had loose stool the last days and need to know if this can be caused by eating whole blueberries. Usually I blend these berries, but now in the summer I have been eating a lot of them directly after picking them in the wild.
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    How much Hemp seeds should I eat?

    What is the right dosage of Hemp seeds for each day?
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    Bone meal in bone broth?

    I have found that if I boil my chicken bones with added cider winegar, the bones become soft and I can crush them in a blender together with the other ingredients in the water. Are there any bad health risks regarding consuming that, or could it be a healthy supplement?