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  1. My Butt Hurts

    Remicade and Illness

    I KNOW this has been discussed here before, but I couldn't find it. How sick do you need to be to NOT have your Remicade infusion?? Is the common cold okay? Is it only if you have an infection that you need to cancel it?? I have had a sore throat starting on Thursday (today is Monday) and it...
  2. My Butt Hurts

    Immune System Question

    Maybe this is too simple, but I was thinking (haha - I know that is dangerous. I try not to do it very often...) If our immune systems are overactive, and we take an immune suppressing drug, is it possible that instead of suppressing it so low that we catch every illness we come across, it...
  3. My Butt Hurts

    Comparison - Boost/Ensure/Glucerna/SlimFast/Carnation Instant Breakfast

    IMP's supplemental drink poll made me create this thread to compare these drinks. If you have any others to add information on, feel free. (I only checked stats for the pre-mixed regular varieties. They also have high protien, low sugar, 'plus" varieties, low carb, easy to digest, and other...
  4. My Butt Hurts

    Remicade slide - how long 'til it kicks?

    So.. my GI failed to authorize my Remicade prescription, and the hospital cancelled my appointment. I have been in a great remission for almost 1 year. 10 days after my missed infusion, I started getting symptoms back - diarrhea, frequency and urgency. I woke in the middle of the night to go...
  5. My Butt Hurts

    Imuran Photosensitivity

    Did you guys know that Imuran (azathioprine) makes your skin photosensitive? I found out the hard way. I have sunburn straight from hell, and don't remember reading that in the pharmacy paperwork obviously. Not sure what other typical Crohn's meds do the same thing, but damn - read your...
  6. My Butt Hurts

    FDA and CPSC Recall lists

    Is anybody else on the USFDA (United States Food & Drug administration) recall email list? I highly recommend it, you never know when something that you use will be on it. I've gotten emails about energy bars, prescriptions, OTC meds, cookies, anything that you can imagine might be recalled...
  7. My Butt Hurts

    Remicade insurance approval / Quitting Imuran

    I quit Imuran today (without doc's approval) because I have read too many times that the non-curable deadly cancer was ONLY found in people who took Remi AND Imuran at the same time. Coincidence or what? My doc's office called today and said insurance wasn't going to approve my next dose of...
  8. My Butt Hurts

    Crohn's "Take Steps" walk - help

    Crohn's "Take Steps" walk ***EDIT*** This thread was from last year - but it is the same walk. (I don't need help with the email anymore, obviously..) This year's post starts at #43. GO 2010 FUNDRAISERS! I am walking in my local CCFA fundraiser, but I need help with my email. I'll be sending...
  9. My Butt Hurts

    Symptoms better when pregnant

    No - not me! (Okay, phew - got THAT out of the way!) I was reading that one of our new members felt so much better while she was pregnant. So I was thinking - don't birth control pills kind of make your body think you are pregnant so you don't ovulate? Could birth control pills then help to...
  10. My Butt Hurts

    Crohn's Rash?

    Is there a Crohn's rash type thingy?? I have had it 2 or 3 times now. It's terribly itchy, and feels good when scratched, there is no pain with it. I think it might even be seasonal for me, as I remember the last time I had it, it was shorts weather. I can't remember if it coincided with a...
  11. My Butt Hurts

    Kind of urgent question - Remi/vertigo

    Hey guys - I have a question that I need to know the answer to by Monday. I have been a bit dizzy all week, on and off throughout the day. Nothing that really bothered me - I don't feel ill or nauseous, just weird - like I'm on a boat, not like I'm spinning. Almost fell over a few times I...
  12. My Butt Hurts

    Blood Test Results...and other stuff

    Hey guys - This is more of a vent, but there is a question or two in here too. Feel free to stop reading - it might get long. I swear - nothing can ever be normal for me. I went to get my blood tests for Imuran, which I am supposed to get every 2 months. I got to the place at 4:31. It closed...
  13. My Butt Hurts

    Crohn's diagnosis gift basket

    So - after your first ever colonoscopy/diagnosis, shouldn't the docs give you a "welcome to Crohn's disease" gift basket? What should be in it?? I'll start the list- A squirty water bottle for when you just can't wipe. Calmoseptine - the best butt cream on earth. Soft baby butt wipes...
  14. My Butt Hurts

    Musical Pentasa

    Does anybody else shake their pentasa like a maraca before they take it?? Umm.. I don't, I was just wondering if you do. (yeah right)
  15. My Butt Hurts

    Crohn's news article

    My mom's neighbor just sent this to her, and she sent it to me. It's from Daily Health News I see a few things that don't sound quite right, but you can judge for yourself. 7 Steps to Controlling Crohn's Disease For people with digestive issues, life tends to revolve around what you can and...
  16. My Butt Hurts

    CAUTION: Rising divorce rates due to gabbly

    I know it's fun kids, but look at this article that I found... "At first, it was recreational," MHB recalls. "It was fun." As the months passed, Tim began noticing a change in his wife. The amount of time she spent on the gabbly became steadily longer. "He'd laugh over her shoulder at the...
  17. My Butt Hurts

    First Remicade Treatment

    YAY! I'm alive!! I have been freaking out about my first Remi infusion, but it was today and it was a piece o' cake. When I first got to the hospital and asked which way the silver elevators were, they told me I was in the wrong hospital. I insisted that I was at the right hospital and told...
  18. My Butt Hurts

    Pain in the skull

    Hey guys - I have a pain in my skull that I know isn't Crohn's related, but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't related to any illness that can come about from medications. It's not the bump where your neck meets your body, but the one above that - where your neck meets your skull I guess...
  19. My Butt Hurts


    Just in case anyone was wondering, if you do a search for 'frosting' 17 different threads come up. No need to thank me for that Crohn's Forum public service announcement. But you're welcome.
  20. My Butt Hurts

    Halloween time - can you resist those apples?

    MMmmm. My kids and I just split one of those caramel covered apples with the nuts on it. Holy delicious! My belly's gonna yell at me in a few hours. We got a red candy one last week. So yummy. How can I resist?