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  1. Connorwal

    Stress, Anxiety and/or Depression

    Do you know if the covid vaccine is approved for Crohn's patients? Since this pandemic has started, I became really hypochondriac. I tried to avoid the news and to distract myself, but unfortunately, it's not working. I'm constantly researching symptoms of illnesses, but I'm afraid to go to the...
  2. Connorwal

    Crohn's Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

    To be honest, a food diary actually helps you a lot! I have been doing it for the last couple of years, and now I know that every single time when I am going to eat peanuts, pineapple and beans, I am always going to have some terrible stomachache. Besides that, I am always having some erectile...
  3. Connorwal

    Crohn's vs Entrepreneurship

    You should definitely not stress about it. For example, a lot of great companies, that now could be called “giants” of the industry such as Google or HP, actually started from something small, from “little bets”. There are two types of people that start ventures: conceptual and experimental...
  4. Connorwal

    Sex related question

    You need to rest a bit, too much anal is not good.
  5. Connorwal

    Weight gain

    How are the results after some time!? My situation is very close to yours including data. Want to lose some weight because overweight is 28. I used bmi calculator as the main tool to understand my situation and on what I should be focused. Used this amazing websites advices and little by little...
  6. Connorwal

    Cooking with seasonings with Crohns

    I want to share my last kitchen discovery. I don’t imagine anymore my cooking without sous vide bags. I found on a thread a girl who recommended them and I thought “what a stupidity”. But when I saw them in a store I wanted to try them and now I am more than happy to have them. You may check by...
  7. Connorwal

    Humira DoT Drug test - False Positive

    I don't know what to do, this is the only forum where people discuss about drug test and Humira. I applied for a job in transport company, and they ask me to do the same test. I take this medication for slowing the progression of rheumatoid arthrits. I need to get this job. How did you pass the...