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  1. ThatsmyThrone

    Tongue pain?

    What do you mean by fissuring? I am new to this, but I’m addition to getting mouth ulcers, my tongue was in pain and I had deep grooves, almost like cuts, in it on the top. There were a few of them and they were fairly long. They hurt and burned with I ate certain things.
  2. ThatsmyThrone


    I had open heart surgery a few years back for an AAA and have a BAV, but it wasn’t leaking bad enough to replace at the time of my surgery, so I get checked annually to monitor the leak. Are you really young? Is that why your surgeon doesn’t want to do a pig/cow valve? I spent a lot of time...
  3. ThatsmyThrone

    Is it internal bleeding?

    This may sound dumb, but how do you know if it is internal bleeding or not in your stool? I am newly diagnosed with Crohns. My diarrhea has stopped (I think I might be constipated) and am back to solid stool. I have been having a ton of pain and symptoms, and today noticed that even though I...
  4. ThatsmyThrone

    New to this...symptoms and suffering

    Thanks for the advice. My dr hasn’t been much help. I am doing research to look for a new one. Problem is, thanks to Covid, doctors are weeks and weeks out on appointments, even if they are seeing people in person. This seems like a bad time for an initial diagnosis of this.
  5. ThatsmyThrone

    New to this...symptoms and suffering

    I typically eat one meal a day. And it is bland food. I don’t take any supplements or anything. My dr hasn’t made any suggestions other than over the counter omeprazole, the Budesidone, and I take Welchol to aid in GI issues (been on this medicine for years as I’ve always had stomach issues).
  6. ThatsmyThrone

    New to this...symptoms and suffering

    So, I’m new to this, diagnosed over zoom thanks to Covid and honestly haven’t received the best medical care. I’ve been sick since March. Lost 50 lbs, couldn’t eat, severe diarrhea (8 - 10 times a day), when I did eat I would get a lot of pain in my upper abdomen and my lower right side and just...