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  1. Hamha

    Can colonoscopy give a false negative during remission?

    So I got a colonoscopy on Dec 24, and it was normal except for minor hemorrhoids. I am currently pursuing small intestine imagery tests (probably an MRE and/or vidcam) but my question is: If I was in remission when I got the colonoscopy, would Crohn's have been visible? I'm honestly not sure...
  2. Hamha

    Anyone managed SCD vegetarian?

    So, I have been considering the SCD for over a year now. It seems like it really should be my next step. However I have been a fairly strict vegetarian all my life and am concerned that beginning to eat meat would only make my digestive problems worse. I am also hypoglycemic, so getting as much...
  3. Hamha

    My parents think I'm exaggerating or lying

    I'm undiagnosed as of yet, but very confident that I will be receiving a Crohn's diagnosis soon as my symptoms match too perfectly to be a coincidence. Unfortunately, I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy two weeks ago and both came back normal. Since then my mother has decided that I am...
  4. Hamha

    Crohn's symptoms but no diagnosis?

    I've been suffering from Crohn's symptoms for a bit over three years now. I pretty much have the full roster, excluding serious complications - you name it, I've probably either got it or have had it. Right now I'm in the middle of one of my worst flare-ups yet - I was in the ER a week ago and...