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  1. dchad57

    Crohn's Disease and Fosamax

    I have had Crohn's for 30yrs. My Endocrinologist wants to put me on Fosamax for my Osteoporosis When I read the side effects I am very leary of taking it. Reading what it can do to your esophagus why would I want to put this into my digestive tract? Nevermind all the other side-effects. I would...
  2. dchad57

    Entyvio: First infusion today

    Well I had my First infusion today, all went well. It's been 4 hours so far and no adverse side effects. NONE at all ! Praying it stays that way. I'd love to hear from anyone and their experiences after infusions. I'm still on Enteral Nutrient feeding, I opted to keep the line in until at least...
  3. dchad57


    Hello everyone, My name is Donna and I was diagnosed with Crohns May 1989. At 32 yrs. of age I will be 60 next month. I have been on EVERY Crohn's med there is literally from pills to Biologics. I am Starting Entyvio next week. After my recent flare and hospital stay. Like many of us I have...