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    10 yr old being tested for IBD

    Hi there - I’ve been posting in parents with children that have IBD - but wanted to get some further insight..my son has been dealing with a few years of mouth ulcers, debilitating stomach pain, Constant loose stools, failure to thrive, irritated eyes and skin..and just recently started...
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    Anyone have a Normal Fecal Calprotectin Level but diagnosed with IBD?

    I posted my son's story last week: https://crohnsforum.com/threads/10-yr-old-being-tested-for-crohns.85818/#post-1031095 And I got some really helpful and nice responses which has really awesome and encouraging so thank you!! I have another question though - his FC came back and it was only...
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    10 yr old being tested for Crohns

    Hi there – I am posting in this forum because this is what he is being tested for. He has NOT been diagnosed as of yet but would like to get some feedback from others that are familiar with Crohns. I am in no way looking for a diagnosis from anyone…just a very concerned mama looking for...