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    Odd symptoms- please help

    Hello. I am freaking out and just wondering if anyone has any information. I've had Crohn's since 2002. It's been bad but I've been pretty pain free. Anyway, I was on Humira. That stopped working. I've been doing Stellara for 8 months now. I started recently feeling super tired so I had blood...
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    New to Stelara

    Hey everyone. I just started Stelara. My IV was on Wed. All went well. I don’t have the typical Crohns. In the past, I’ve been more constipated and fairly pain free but my Crohns is very active. Anyway, my movements had begun to be pretty normal and no constipation. After my IV, I’ve been...
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    Thyroid problems

    Hi. Have any of you had thyroid issues pop up? I have Crohns and started humira almost a year ago. Since I started, I have gained about 15 pounds and I went to my normal doctor about it to make sure things were normal for my stupid weight gain. She checked my thyroid levels through blood work...
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    Anemia- IV supplements

    My doctor called tonight and e wants to start me on an Iron IV for anemia. Anyone else have it and explain what to expect.
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    New to Humira!

    Hello. I'm new to Humira and after reading the posts on here, I'm becoming terrified! What is everyone's opinion with it. I was allergic to Rhemicade so I'm very nervous to try this one. I'm curious about side affects and any extra info anyone can share. I've read that it's painful. I wonder if...