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  1. Cucurbita

    Omeprazole IV while on prednisone IV?

    Hello, I was hospitalized yesterday (due mainly to: persistent 38-39°C fever of suspicious origin, and also they want me to gain weight because my BMI is 16). They are giving me prednisone IV (intravenous), dosage is 40 mg in the morning and 20 mg in the evening. The nurse came today's night...
  2. Cucurbita

    How does mucosal healing occur?

    I've been on a flare since October. When my doctor checked the MRI report, she said: "This is a very good sign! Now you have inflammation only in the last part of the large intestine (rectum, sigma and a portion of the distal colon)". I asked how it was, if my affectation is indeed ileocolonic...
  3. Cucurbita

    On EEN, how long does it take to go into remission?

    Hello, First time on EEN, it has been 17 days already. Bleeding has decreased and symptoms have improved slightly. The number of bowel movements remains constant (from 4 to 8), that is perhaps 1 or 2 lower than before EEN. But it doesn't feel like the remission is close. I was wondering how...