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  1. Caldotis

    Starting back on 6MP-- again

    Hey, I have a few questions about starting back on 6MP. A little history: I was originally taking 75mg of 6MP for about 3-4 years (this was back in 2002) and it worked really well for me. Yes, I had side-effects. I was tired a lot, I caught more colds and the monthly blood draws to check my...
  2. Caldotis

    I'm new :)

    Hi! I was diagnosed with Crohns/Colitis in 2000, but I suspect that I have been suffering with it most of my life as some of my earliest memories are of "tummy troubles". I have a second cousin with very severe Crohns (maybe it is genetic?) I have been on Mercaptopurine and Effexor in the...