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  1. Crohns08

    Vegetable ideas/recipes

    Hey all, I was bad and went off of my diet so now I need to restart it. Anyone have any good ideas for easily digested vegetables? It's been a minute since I've had to start from scratch like this and the first time I'm doing it completely on my own. I still have my book and I do have a SCD...
  2. Crohns08

    Greens powders?

    Has anyone tried a greens powder and had any kind of positive results?
  3. Crohns08

    Curious - Post op pain

    So despite my best efforts I had another obstruction due to a stricture and ended up getting a bowel resection losing about six inches of intestine. About how long did your post op pain last? I'm gonna be two weeks post op on Monday and it's still pretty painful to the point I am on a mostly...
  4. Crohns08


    As some of you know I had a baby recently in May. He is one of the loves of my life and happy to say that even though he was born small (5 lbs 3 oz) he has grown and healthy as a horse thus far, praise God! Unfortunately for me I have strayed on the diet and just got out of an eleven day...
  5. Crohns08

    Tips for parents WITH IBD

    So I am a new, first time mom. I have a little boy who just turned five weeks old and I am presently flaring and trying to get my disease back under control. I have recently gone back on my diet but I am so exhausted and I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread with tips for parents...
  6. Crohns08

    Stressing and requesting support

    So throughout my pregnancy it has been a bit of a struggle. I had a flare I was hospitalized for around 18 weeks and was on a decent dosage of steroids to get it down and then put on a low residue diet. This whole time nothing has been wrong except I have run a bit anemic. Now they are saying at...
  7. Crohns08

    TDAP Vaccine

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot... Wasn't really sure where to put it. Anyways! Anyone have to get the TDAP vaccination/booster for whatever reason and have a bad reaction in terms of severe cramps and diarrhea? I looked on the CDC's website and they said it was possible. Like this was at...
  8. Crohns08

    Prednisone stomach acid

    Hey guys! Recently I was brought to the hospital to get IV steroids to get out of a bad flare and since I'm pregnant it's the only thing I can really use right now since I have failed Remicade and Humira and Cimzia. But the problem with Prednisone and I is that every time I take it, it causes...
  9. Crohns08

    Stressing... Big time.

    Hey guys and gals, long time no see! I had been doing well with my crohn's and have subsequently met the love of my life. I'm now 22 years old and I have a little one on the way. I'm fifteen weeks pregnant and I'm stressed. I have a paper due on the 30th, finals, work, and I'm majorly stressed...
  10. Crohns08


    Hey guys, For some reason I've been going through a bout of insomnia. What do you guys do to help get some sleep? So far I haven't had any luck unless I use medication for sleep and even then I don't get to sleep at times and I would rather not go that route if I don't have to. Suggestions?
  11. Crohns08

    Omega 3 supplement

    Okay, so I've just gotten back to being good and taking my supplements and I think it would be really advantageous to take an Omega 3 fatty acid supplement because of the anti-inflammatory properties. However usually when I take these I have the worst belching ever because it wasn't a good...
  12. Crohns08

    Your Experiences - Need to know

    Hi Guys, So after finding initial success with shots of Humira every two weeks I'm starting to get the feeling that it is no longer working for me. I'd love to up the shots to a weekly basis but my insurance won't cover it at the moment even though it's a great insurance policy. However I...
  13. Crohns08

    Is this common?

    So my doctors are wanting to increase the dosage of my humira from a shot every two weeks to a shot every week. However I had to go off of humira for about a month now because I had an infection of some kind. We're certain that the infection is gone now and so since I had relapsed into a flare...
  14. Crohns08

    Coming Back Stronger

    My fellow Crohnies, Some of you may or may not of noticed my absence from the boards since October. Some of you know how I've been flaring the past nine months with our disease, and recently things had headed for the worst. I was down to nearly eighty eighty pounds late September and my Doctors...
  15. Crohns08

    Anyone else have a problem with smoke?

    Hey guys! I passed by some people who were smoking on my way to class and unfortunately I couldn't hold my breath for that long so I had to breathe a lot of it in (4-5 people smoking, yikes!). Anyways, during my class I got really sick; a migrane, my knee started to hurt very badly and my I had...
  16. Crohns08

    Hospitalized... Again!

    Hey all! I haven't been around much the past couple of days, don't know if you guys noticed or not Lol. But I have been hospitalized again since Monday and they plan on keeping me until at least Friday morning. My disease as progressed and I haven't been having real bms, just mucous and blood...
  17. Crohns08

    An update on myself

    So I had posted that on Thursday I left for Gainsville, Florida to go and seek a second opinion on a treatment plan and what my options were since I felt like my current GI wasn't giving me the time of day and wasn't really going over all of the options with me. My appointment was today and I am...
  18. Crohns08


    So I've been hospitalized! I was having severe pains and come to find out I have two lovely kidney stones. All I can say is thank God for morphine! Just thought I'd update you guys, hope you all are doing better than me!
  19. Crohns08

    Ulcers in colon

    So I had been suffering from the prep, but when I looked at the pictures from the scope I was cleaner than last time and I took barely half the prep this time! 10oz of magnesium citrate and 6 dolculax pills. I already had barely anything in me though and I'm pretty small, so maybe that had...
  20. Crohns08

    Colonoscopy prep causing pain

    I need advice, I'm suffering from my colonoscopy prep with excruciating pain. I threw up most of it but it still seems to be working. The prep is Magnesium Citrate and I only manage 10 oz out of the total 20 oz. I just took a tramadol to help with the pain. Any thoughts, suggestions? I really...