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  1. LtHuff

    Suspension Training

    Just received Woss Elite suspension, have yet to try them out. I am out of shape, but any jostling such as running kills my Crohns. Seeing if anyone else has done any suspension training and how they are enjoying it?
  2. LtHuff

    Woah sticker shock!

    Holy crap, just got off the phone with a nurse who explained to me how much this treatment was. I would have to pay $700 for every round up to a total of $2k! Was not expecting that at all. Will definitely have to put this off until the first of the year. How are you all handling payments...
  3. LtHuff

    Endoscopy Results

    Well after my colonoscopy didn't show anything major the doc ordered an edoscopy. Yay for the prep! :stinks: Anyways got the results back and found in the middle of the small colon an area that was ulcerated and strictured. His thoughts are to 1) Continue on Imuran and I am at the max...
  4. LtHuff

    Team Challenge...Still Time to Join!

    :dance:Hey all, Just seeing if anyone else joined up to do the half marathon in Vegas for Crohns and Colitus? I can't wait to begin running to help out raise some funds and awareness for this disease. I urge all of you to go to an informational meeting near you, it definitely answers some...
  5. LtHuff

    CT Scan mixed results

    Well just got my results back from the CT Scan. Good news is that I don't have any fistulas and "some no well-defined stricture" docs words not mine. Bad news is in the terminal ileum I have thickening all the way to the ilececal valve...think its only 8.5-10 cm (so not terrible but an...
  6. LtHuff

    Post your motivational pictures!

    I don't know about you, but I get tired of working out and need something to help me going. I found a forums elsewhere that has motivational pictures. Here a few, I will post more later, but feel free to add your own!
  7. LtHuff

    My sex drive sucks

    I don't know if its from Crohns or a side affect of the Imuran, but I just really don't feel like having relations with my wife. Which is really bad because we are trying to have a child. Anyone else experience anything similar and if so, how did you fix it?
  8. LtHuff

    Fighting an autoimmune disease without immunosuppressant?

    Hey all! I am currently in the military and had my yearly physical evaluation done. I just got hit with the "non-deployable" because of Crohns and the medicine i am taking to try and calm it. I am still having difficulties about every 2 wks I will get some nice pain in the side for a few...
  9. LtHuff

    Another colonoscopy

    I have been flaring up more the past couple of months and the doctor put me back on 9mg of Entocort along with 200 mg of imuran plus the regular stuff. I began tapering off the entocort this week and if it doesn't get better the doctor is wanting to do a colonoscopy:ybatty: Not looking...
  10. LtHuff

    C-Reactive Protein a little high

    So got my blood tests back and luckily the only abnormal one was my C-Reactive protein, normal is 0.0-3.0 mine was.......18.9 I laughed out loud when i saw that. Luckily blood count looks good so I should be able to increase the azathiaprine once I speak to my Doc. What has been your...
  11. LtHuff

    Upping my dose of imuran

    Been having more pain lately (2 months) and was put back on entorcort for a short while and that relieved it, but then as I tapered off the pain came back. Met with a new Doc yesterday and he is looking at upping my dose of imuran from 150mg to 200mg. If that doesn't work he is looking at...
  12. LtHuff

    Team Challenge Vegas!

    I was on the ccfa.org website and saw the team challenge for the half marathon. Is anyone going to do that? I am pretty interested although I hate running, but I think it would be great for comradery and self pride of completing a half marathon.
  13. LtHuff

    P90x diet

    I have been doing the P90x workout for 5 weeks without the diet. Having crohns I am too afraid of change and I am managing the pain right now. Problem is i am not getting the results i really desire from the workout. Has anyone been on this diet and had any issues? Thanks
  14. LtHuff

    Stomach quivering

    stomach quivering I had kydney stones this past weekend and was given toradol and dilaudid to go along with the prednisone and pentasa. I am having bad flares and the pred doesn't seem to do much. I take the toradol as lightly as possible b/c its dmg it can do to the kydney. The dilaudid...
  15. LtHuff

    Kydney stones and crohns

    kydney stones and crohns Just got back from a 4 day stay at the hospital. I was having some crohn's flare up and was just taking it easy then later that night i had a massive pain on the opposite side of my stomach. Tried to tough it out but ended up going to the ER. Found out I had and was...
  16. LtHuff

    New to the site and the disease

    I am 25 and in the military, past month or so i had been having lower right abdominal pain. Last Thursday was my first colonoscopy (colyte is the devil) and the doc said that he is 90 percent sure its Crohn's Disease, so now i am waiting on the biopsy, but they are so full right now i won't be...