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  1. Ozboz

    Feeling crap

    So I had my ileostomy done about 1.5 weeks ago also they removed my rectum and anus as they were the worst parts. Anyway I feel like crap I;m on antibiotics still I'm all bloated I have output ut it varies day to day, I just had a drain removed from the left side of my abdomen on friday. The...
  2. Ozboz

    Just had proctolectomy with colostomy

    Hey guys just had a total proctolectomy and colostomy. I wad poking around down there today when they removed the dressing. I felt like a piece of skin or tissue between my butt cheeks is this normal to have a flap or should I be worried they didn't do something right when they stitched me up
  3. Ozboz

    Crohn's challenge

    I want to start a crohn's challenge to promote awareness of crohn's disease. Something like the ALS ice bucket challenge. So let's get the ball rolling and come up with some ideas for a challenge and choose one as an online community and maybe do some challenge on youtube and challenge some...
  4. Ozboz

    Healthy ow residue

    Hi guys I have been put on antibiotics due to an abscess and I have gone from tolerating pretty much everything without much pain and discomfort too having bad cramps and pain again and suffering after fresh foods. The doctor said it's common to get an upset stomach on antibiotics even for...
  5. Ozboz

    Constant body aches

    Do other people with crohn's have constant ache's and pains in they're bodies when I'm active during the day or just doing something I don't notice them as much, but when I 'm resting in the evening or in the morning there most prominent. My diet is not the greatest and I don't drink or smoke...
  6. Ozboz

    Ileostomy diet

    I'm in the hospital waiting for surgery to get an ileostomy I was just wondering what I will be able to eat after. I know with time as my body settles into the ileostomy life I might be to add thing's. What did you eat after surgery and will I be able to eat fresh veggies I love my spinach I...
  7. Ozboz

    Problems on flagyl

    Has anyone had any adverse or permanent problems from flagyl I'm having trouble with my eyes and problems concentrating these have been there since the last time I was on flagyl. Now I'm on flagyl again and again having these problems and the quacks don't want to seem to listen
  8. Ozboz

    Can't burp without bubbles

    I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue after I eat or even when walking around sometimes I feel bloated and like I need to burp. Then I have a sip of coke and let out the best burps and instant relief, the funny thing is only certain drinks help me burp coke, sparkling mineral with...
  9. Ozboz

    Constantly hungry

    Hi guys I have a transverse colostomy at the moment meaning my large bowel is still in tact and being rested but I find my self hungry all the time and not gaining much weight either I do have depression which may be a factor in the weight gain department but yeah always hungry for some reason I...
  10. Ozboz

    I can't look at people anymore

    I have had crohn's for 10 years now and it has been mostly really bad and on top of that I have ankylosing spondylitis lately when I go out somewhere I see happy people riding there bikes walking they're dogs having fun with the kid's etc... I'm 34 mostly no friends as they have disappeared...
  11. Ozboz

    Longest Period

    I was just wondering what has been your longest period of remmision since you had crohn's or very mild symptoms at best
  12. Ozboz

    Crohns and ankylosing spondylitis

    Just after some advice from members who has AS and CD i have had both for about 10 years and noticed my spine is getting worse and it seems to be affecting my mobility and mood. How do you manage with both
  13. Ozboz

    No absorption

    Hey guys just a quick question iVe noticed since my surgery im not absorbing painkillers or any other tablet the same way the effects wear off very quickly has anyone experienced similar things
  14. Ozboz

    Urine smells like coffee

    Cansomeone tell me why after coffee my urine smells like it I drink 2 cups of coffee a day with no problems but the only thing is my urine smells like it afterwards
  15. Ozboz

    Why do I always fail at food

    Is it just me or are there other members here that have a hard time avoiding foods that the can't digest or just intolerant to. For me it's wheat and sugar and soft drinks (soda pop) I always seem to fail at avoiding these things I live with others that eat this and it's always in the house...
  16. Ozboz

    Depression diagnosis

    I was wondering how you with depression out there got diagnosed or did you realize this yourself For me i think i became very withdrawn and strarted making bad choices with food and treatment but I think my depression was never fully diagnosed my Gp mentioned it once to me a while ago but i...
  17. Ozboz

    I get annoyed easy

    I k ow they say to surround yourself with people you love and that. But for the life of me I don't understand why people at the dinner table or family gatherings annoy me then i get angry and do stupid shit and people laugh at me lime a dick do others get this way i know i should control it...
  18. Ozboz

    Mezavant fatigue/tiredness

    Do people have bad fatigue tiredness on mexavant sitting on the couch cant feel it but when i get up to do something feel extremely tired amor get fatigued i know this is a side effect does it pass or should o be concerned doc is not much help at the moment
  19. Ozboz

    Meds and brain function

    Do you think some meds impact your thinking or cognitive function
  20. Ozboz

    Do you bring food

    I was wondering if a y members follow a strict diet and bring there own food Like i was doing paleo and had to take my mum for eye surgery i gor hungry and went down to the caffe and there weren't much paleo options and bought a sandwich and something else Once i wad in a country town...