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  1. Mylittlesunshine

    Happy Christmas from me and Lucy

    To my dear friends I wish you all a happy Christmas and a happy New year to you and your family. Sorry I've not been on much things haven't Been so easy at the moment. Just want to say thank you for all your support And friendship you have shown me and my family . You are all in my thoughts...
  2. Mylittlesunshine

    Lucy started school 😞

    Hi everyone It's been a while since I updated to you All on how Lucy was getting on. Since starting 6mp Lucy was doing ok Taking feeds and still having symptoms But not as bad. Anyway she started school last week as Only managed 3 days.... And yep you guessed It came down with a bug or...
  3. Mylittlesunshine

    MLS and her cancer journey

    MY DEAR FRIENDS... I'm not sure where to start but wanted To explain why I've not here much. In middle of April I went to my GP Because my left thigh a the top swelled To triple the size and very painful Even worse at night. Anyway the doctor told me that I had Skin infection and gave me...
  4. Mylittlesunshine

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    I feel selfish asking to light a candle for me But I'm waiting to hear my results from a biopsy And am going though I hard time. I just want to know now, not knowing is so Hard.
  5. Mylittlesunshine

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    I want to light a candle for me and family Who going though very differcult Time, just when u think things are Getting a bit better, something worse comes And brings me down.
  6. Mylittlesunshine

    Maintance meds

    Hi everyone Just a quick thread, Lucy has mickey button Fitted next week , then will be discussing Maintance meds, I'm scared of giving her These big scary meds . So my question is WHAT MAINTANCE MED DID YOUR CHILD START WITH?? Any advise would be great
  7. Mylittlesunshine

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    I was diagnoised with cardiomyopathy 5 weeks ago and has been very differ cult To pull though. I've got my first heart failure clinic tomoorw And I'm very nervious. I pray it goes ok
  8. Mylittlesunshine

    How do you Find a New GI in the UK for a Child

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone knows How I go about getting my 3 year old Daughter a new gi doctor in different hospital In UK . Any advise or help would be great.
  9. Mylittlesunshine


    Just a question Was wondering how long your kids Biopsys took to come back with Results?
  10. Mylittlesunshine

    Lymph nodes

    Hi everyone Does anyone have any information On lymph nodes in small bowel And colon. Is it normal for them to be present And big. Where should u find them. How big should they normally be? Really need advice. Will update my daughters story thread soon Just need to get information and...
  11. Mylittlesunshine

    Ibd and potty training

    Hi everyone Lucy is nearly 4 in a few months And is still in nappies We have tried to potty train But because of her bowel habits Where finding it really hard. She has to go to nursery in nappies Where all the other kids are using toilet. How did you all potty train your kids With ibd? Any...
  12. Mylittlesunshine

    My daughters story

    Hi my daughter is nearly 4 years old and has been Having serve diarrhea for a few years now with tummy pain Knee pain and when she is really bad blood loss, She was suppose to have a colonoscopy done On 13 dec but had to be canceled as she had Bad reaction to the bowel prep (sodium...
  13. Mylittlesunshine

    My daughters story

    Hi, my daughter is nearly 4 years old and has been having Very serve diarrhea,tummy pain and knee pain also when Her symptoms are really bad she passes a lot of blood. She was supposed to have a colonoscopy dec 13th but unfortunately Had to cancel it because she had bad reaction to bowel...