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  1. nini_mini

    Er opinions

    So I asked this on a Facebook group but I figured I'd get more answers here, so here it goes. How do you know when it's time to go to the er? I know I should probably go, but wanna get a gauge on this. I also feel like I should know this answer but I haven't...
  2. nini_mini

    Anyone in this group still up?

    I have a few questions and things about blockages and strictures. And how i think that's what's been going on this past weekend and how I "know" my crohns is active even if the tests don't wanna show it. I know it's there, I feel it every day. Just need a chat for a few. Thanks :)
  3. nini_mini

    My attempt to make myself and maybe others laugh

    Because people are up at 2am right? Lol There's Nothin' like going for a pee and having it undo all the work the pain meds did on your side.......lol feels great! -___- (enter sarcasm here) :ylol::yrolleyes::voodoo::rof: And because pandas are cute :panda-wave-t::panda::panda::ptiara:
  4. nini_mini

    Question on scope feelings

    Has anyone felt fear of getting a colonoscopy? I have come to realize that next wed. (march 9th) will be a complete year since my last scope. Which is absurd for me considering I usually have them every 4 or 5 months. I know I need one, probably should of had one month's ago, but the last scope...
  5. nini_mini

    Note on food.

    Just posting because I experimented with food. sooo, my mom bought some cranberry pecan granola and well, it was calling my name. Now, first off I haven't had granola in a year or just over a year as it's usually very painful. Well, I thought i'd be adventurous and try it, so I did on sunday...
  6. nini_mini

    Mouth ulcers and Tonsillitis

    Alright my fellow spoonies, has anyone had mouth ulcers just in front of your tonsils on the bottom and on them while having Tonsillitis? Because man my throat is trying to kill me haha i dont think ive eaten much in the past week and a half and im gonna have to go to special k and ensure drinks...
  7. nini_mini


    Hey guys! These past 2 weeks Ive been flaring since my remi has worn off. Next infusion is tomorrow (1/28) :) And idk why but Ive been generally exhausted I'm mean seriously exhausted. I slept pretty much all day yesterday (1\26) and today is pretty much the same oh and thanks to the flare I'm...
  8. nini_mini

    Weird thought and exciting news, well I think it is

    Hey guys, so i be been having this thought and dreams even before my resection that I was "supposed to" come out of surgery with an ileostomy because of how bad off I was. Well I didn't come out with one and now every night since the surgery on 11\6\13 Ive been having dreams that I have one and...
  9. nini_mini

    Possible methotrexate?

    Hey all! So Im on 2 pentasa 500mg a day. 2 entocort a day for 6mg. And 10mg of remicade or close to it since my weight is low they had to knock it down a tick, every 8 long weeks. All that for my crohns. Recently my joints have gotten progressively worse and pretty much 3 to 4 days a week my...