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  1. ekay03

    Lets all hug!

    Hi everybody, In my opinion one can never have too many hugs so lets all just have a nice hug. Its the button down there↘↘↘
  2. ekay03

    How many people have been diagnosed w/ ibd and ibs.

    How many people have been diagnosed w/ ibd and ibs. I have.
  3. ekay03

    Mouth pain red and swelling and sort of itchy too.

    mouth pain red and swelling and sort of itchy too. Inside of my mouth hurts as does my tongue and there is a bit of swelling on roof of mouth. I also itches. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. At first I thought it was thrush, but there are no white spots. I have never had cronhs is my...
  4. ekay03

    Cymbalta is working!

    I just stared cymbalta 2 days ago for body pain and it is working! :luigi: Also no side effects. Ok I just wanted to share a piece of good news!
  5. ekay03

    Normal CRP but still abdominal pain

    Doc thinks its probably ibs. I know a lot of us hear this. Well if this is true than I must have "caught it" in the last 2 years, because I didn't have this pain after my resection in 2000! I had 10 good years and now the abdominal pain is back the way it was before the surgery. I am not...
  6. ekay03

    Anemia of unknown orgin?

    I saw my gp yesterday and he said that I am anemic again :eek2: Ordinarily this would not seem like a big deal, but I am on Iron supplements along w/ folic acid and 2 different kinds of multi vitamins. Doc really didn't explain much but I think he this it must be my crohns becoming active. So I...
  7. ekay03

    Dimethyl sulfoxide or DMSO

    Hi everybody, a well meaning........ Nut job is sending me literature about this stuff says I should try it. I have no plans on trying it (my crohns is well under control) Nor do I plan on researching it. I was just curious to know if anybody has heard of it or tried it. This would definitely...
  8. ekay03

    Looking for a house mate in Dallas

    I didnt know where to post this but i put it here. If it is I'm the wrong place please put it in the right place. Thanks Looking for a house mate in Dallas. I would prefer living in a house. I have one little fuzzy dog that gets weekly baths. I am nearly ocd clean. I am quiet and I dont have...
  9. ekay03

    Really gross question

    really gross question I know this is really yukky, but if I cant ask in this forum........... Well here goes. Is it just me. or has anybody else noticed ......greasy poo. I can see it on the top of the water. I have had this problem in the past and a gi doc once put me on questran (i think it...
  10. ekay03

    Serious question

    Serious question. Please respond w/ your thoughts. Is anybody stockpiling food just incase the end is near?
  11. ekay03

    Sooo pissed off (A Vent)

    Ok so I am 2 mo post ventral hernia surgery. and my gp gives me cipro for an infection in ear. Cipro has never made me sick before, but this time it made me violently vomit over and over all day and into the next morning. I felt better by then, except for the tearing pain of the hernia popping...
  12. ekay03


    My doc put me on zofran for nausea. For me the first pill worked. I was just wondering what other people's experience is with it. And Boy oh boy that stuff is expensive. Very thankful my ins. covered it.
  13. ekay03

    Hernias after abdominal surgery?

    Anybody have incisional hernias after abdominal surgeries? In November I had a very large verenal hernia fixed w/ mesh. I currently have a seroma 9 mm and now another hernia (much smaller, but painfull) has appeared. I am kind of concerend about having surgery again so soon. I have an...