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  1. Nic

    Personal Question for the ladies..

    Ok so this is quite personal, I hope you ladies can maybe help me figure out what this is...and for the guys who end up reading this..I'm sorry :) I'll start with, I have an IUD, just had my period and have had a couple preggo test in the last couple months with all my doc visits, that have...
  2. Nic

    Iron Supplements

    Was just curious if any one has taken Ferro-Sequels Iron Supplement? This is what my doc prescribed for me. The pharmicist said it has a stool softner in it and that if it causes me too much D then to call me doc and tell him to find something different. Was wondering if anyone else has taken...
  3. Nic

    IUD & Crohn's

    Ok so a kinda personal question... Is it ok to have an IUD with having Crohn's? None of my docs have said anything about it, but then again they also never told me that I should be taking vitamins or anything to help myself either! So thought I would ask you guys :) I read a thing today about...
  4. Nic

    Any Ideas?

    Ok so this question is about my husband. New years eve he was admitted to the hospital because he spent all day (starting at like 4-5 in the am) pooping blood and was in severe pain. They did a CT Scan and it showed severe inflimation in his colon and they said he also had a serious infection...
  5. Nic

    Imuran or Remicade?

    Ok so I was taken off of Imuran because we thought I had an allergic reaction after being on it for months. Looking back I'm pretty sure it was just my first ever panic attack, although the ER said it was the swine flu, which my primary doc disagreed (I was sweating like crazy, shaking, crying...
  6. Nic

    Crohn's Flare up or Anxiety Problems?

    Hello everyone! I just found this forum yesterday while trying to do some more Crohns research! Love that there is a place to come that people understand :) I will post my "Crohns Story" later, but wanted to ask a question about flare ups. When I first found out that I had Crohn's it was...