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    Help I don't know what to do!!!

    My girlfriend has severe vomiting. She isn't on any medication. She had a flare up about 4 days ago and She hasn't stopped vomiting . She's always sleeping or vomiting. She can't keep any liquid down at all. I'm worried. She doesn't want to go to the doctors but she's very weak and can hardly...
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    Girlfriend with Crohn's

    Hi ! I need help. My girlfriend has Crohn's . When she first discovered she had it she was on medication but she hated the way they made her feel and they weren't helping at all. She maintains a healthy diet and she smokes medical marijuana and it's worked so far. She's had a flare up it...
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    Don't know how to support my girlfriend.

    Hey I'm new here! My name is Amanda My girlfriend of 5 months has crohns. I love her more then anything on this world. She told me she has Crohn's about 3 months ago and since she has had no flare ups i underestimated her illness. She's had stomach pains now and then but nothing to severe...