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  1. NikiB

    Ectopic Pregnancy after resection.

    Hello ladies, It's been a while since I've been here. My 1 1/2 years old has been keeping me very busy. :heart: My husband and I have been trying for another baby and I very recently found out I was 5-6 weeks pregnant. But unfortunately it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. (I was given a...
  2. NikiB

    Humira and Breastfeeding?

    Hi ladies, Is anyone on Humira and breastfeeding? I'm starting Humira soon for my out of control psoriasis and I'm quite worried about how much of this drug will pass through my breastmilk to my 4 month old son. My GI says it is ok to nurse while on Humira. I am still feeling very weary.. Any...
  3. NikiB

    Preeclampsia & Autoimmune Disease

    Hi Ladies!, I'm 23 weeks pregnant and have been recently diagnosed with hypertension. I've been doing lots of research on PIH and preeclampsia and have read that women with Autoimmune disease are more at risk for preeclampsia. Has anyone had experience with this?
  4. NikiB

    Round ligament pain or flare??

    Hi Everyone! It's been ages since I've posted here. My question is to the moms out there. I'm 17 1/2 weeks pregnant and have started to feel pain in my lower left abdomen/groin. I've read that this is most likely round ligament pain but it feels just like a flare. I'm on Azathioprine and...
  5. NikiB

    Food poisoning

    Hi Everyone, I'm just starting to recover from food poisoning (undercooked salmon)..I was up all night long throwing up and diarrhea at the same time.(how is that even possible!!:eek:) This is the first time I have had food poisoning since I've been diagnosed with Crohn's. Today my guts are...
  6. NikiB

    Azathioprine After Skin Cancer?

    I've read a few posts now about people being taken off Aza after having skin cancer.. Has anyone had skin cancer and is still on Aza?
  7. NikiB

    Uh-Oh! First Flu on Azathioprine..

    :sign0085: Hi Everyone. I'm sure this question has been asked tons on here, but I just joined this month so Im a newbie. I've been on Azathioprine for 9ish months and everything has been good. But now I have a terrible flu for the first time since I've been on the meds.:frown: I called my...
  8. NikiB

    To Conceive Or Not To Conceive?

    Hello Ladies! Im very happy to read about how many of you have beautiful healthy children! When I was first diagnosed I was very concerned about not being able to have children. I'm in remission right now and I feel like maybe I should try to have a baby while Im still feeling well. Im torn...
  9. NikiB

    GI with Crohn's?!

    Just curious... Does anybody have a doctor that had CD? I've always thought how great it would be to have a G.I. that has Crohn's as well.
  10. NikiB

    Azathioprine For The Long Term?

    Hello all! I was just wondering how long people have been on Azathioprine and if it's made a difference in their disease. I have been on it for 9 months and so far so good. I guess Im looking for some success stories. So often I read about people having to jump around with medications. I know...
  11. NikiB

    Sticky Questions for your Surgeon

    These questions would have been so useful had I joined this forum before my surgery. I found I had so much info thrown at me after being told I had to have surgery after only 4 months of being diagnosed.I was so overwhelmed with questions I didn't even know where to start! Very useful...
  12. NikiB

    Aloe Vera Anyone?

    Does anybody drink Aloe Vera juice? Is it better as a preventative or is it something you can drink to relieve a flare?
  13. NikiB

    First flare since surgery

    Hello everyone. Im pretty new to Crohns. Im looking forward to receiving some advice from people that have some experience with this disease... I had bowel resection surgery 10 months ago. I've been in remission ever since, taking 175mg of Imuran. I've been feeling great until yesterday I...