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  1. Optimistic

    FCP results based on disease location

    Someone posted recently that FCP results and norms can be different for small vs large bowel Crohn’s, or something similar. I can’t find it. Do any of you have info?
  2. Optimistic

    Enlarged spleen

    Latest MRE shows nothing in way of Crohn's etc. However, spleen is slightly enlarged. It was slightly enlarged 2 years ago and has increased a bit. Has anyone seen this? Have not talked to GI, just read report online. Quick scan of articles and journals isn't conclusive although there is much...
  3. Optimistic

    NSAID damage

    We are having big debate here about use of Advil. I'm now curious. Can anyone give me a primer before I call GI? I know that NSAID can cause some harm that mimics Crohn's. Are there certain parts of the tract more likely to be impacted? Does damage show up on scope or biopsy or both? How does...
  4. Optimistic

    False negatives with FCP test

    My son's latest Fcp just came in at 45 (normal is up to 120 with this lab). All other bloods were fine and he is assymptomatic other than some weird joint stuff occasionally. He sees dr in a few weeks and I'm not sure if he will order a scope after doing two in last 18 months. He gets a lot of...
  5. Optimistic

    What could this mean - "big things coming up for Crohn's"?

    Does this ring a bell with anyone? I'm posting here because this seems to be the brain trust. :). I was in a large group recently and side conversation was about someone's child using an NG tube (not an IBD issue). I mentioned that my son had used one with Crohn's. A woman (not from my...
  6. Optimistic

    Thoughts on negative Prometheus

    For the brain trust: Now that I've finally accepted that ibd is going to be a constant companion in our life, I'm trying to learn and to sort out results of two tests that confuse me. My som was originally a confusing case. One hospital said from biopsies it was some IBD not sure what...
  7. Optimistic

    Long term use of Omeprazole

    Does anyone have personal experience with using Omeprazole long term? My son has been using it for over a year. I hate to tinker with the regime when things seems to be working but read that Omeprazole is most often a short term approach.
  8. Optimistic

    Approved meds for orthopedic surgery in Ibd patient

    My son is having an orthopedic surgery for a sports injury. Surgeon knows he has Crohn's and I have call in to GI for guidance. Any knowiedge about how they will handle painkillers, antibiotics, etc? Any advice?
  9. Optimistic

    How long until mucoscal healing?

    Random list of questions for anyone that might know. How long after various treatments begin does it take or when should you see mucoscal healing? I know that is the goal, but how often does it happen? I've also been reading about the difference between mucoscal healing and histologic...
  10. Optimistic

    How long until prednisone works?

    Ant prednisone experts here today? I'm trying to understand some tests and how pred might impact results. My son has full scopes that showed inflamation in several places, but the biopsy and labs weren't Classic anything - indeterminate IBD. He went on IV prednisone and then 40 mg day. Two...
  11. Optimistic

    I appreciate the knowledge on this board.

    Hello. I am a newish member whose teenaged son spent a week in hospital with pain and d after losing 20 pounds in the summer. Drs at 3 children's hospitals conferred on his scopes and biopsies and said he was very unusual bc he did not exactly fit crohns profile. They put him on pred and...