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  1. Gutsy

    Any help for swollen sore joints?

    My joints swell up, mostly in my hands, it gets puffy in between my knuckles and sometimes it happens in my knee, ankle, elbow, feet and occasionally in the knuckles of my fingers. I might sound crazy here but it moves around - sometimes lasts a few days, other times weeks. My husband and I make...
  2. Gutsy

    Some foods are going right through

    I've had crohns colitis for 1.5 years. I have noticed that some foods (bean sprouts, peas, skins of peppers, and others) appear to go right through. After that happens I am reluctant to eat that again, I'm not sure if it's really bad? Any thoughts?
  3. Gutsy


    I was diagnosed over a year ago with Crohns and about to travel for the first time. I'm a little nervous about three plane rides, none are longer than 3 hours but I still have trouble with diarrhea daily. Does anyone have any advice?
  4. Gutsy

    Colitis then Crohns

    Hi Everyone, I'm 47 years old, got very ill last year, after the usual several misdiagnosis, finally was diagnosed with Colitis. Went on Asacol, 2 x 800 mg three times daily plus 4g daily Salofalk (messlamine enema.) Started feeling better but side-effects included my hair started falling out...