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  1. jlm

    I really think its all in head

    Have you ever thought it's all in your head? For the last few weeks I've been throwing up and I feel super nauseous all the time (I'm on daily TPN so im not concerned about nutrition). I just feel miserable. No sleep, not eating, not going out, called off work the last.couple of days. I have...
  2. jlm

    Does anyone else have hospitalization insurance?

    My parents purchased this for me when I was first diagnosed 18 years ago. They pay about $12 per month. What it does it pays me anytime I am admitted to the hospital. I've cashed in on this plan so many times. It's a sure help. It actually pays me more then my full time job would working 8 hours...
  3. jlm

    Freaking out a little! Need advice Asap

    I've known for a long time surgery was coming...My GI put in a request a few weeks ago for a consult for a surgeon. In this time she's sent him 3 more letters to get me pushed through. Long story short, she ran into him today in the hall, he informed her he won't be able to do anything until...
  4. jlm

    At which point would you say enough and have surgery?

    I've had 4 resections, 3 as a child under 14. One as an adult a few years ago which didn't go so well and I ended up with a whole slew of issues afterwards. I'm currently looking at number 5 to remove a duodenal stricture that causes awful bloating, nausea, and I pretty much throw up...
  5. jlm

    Stent placed for stricture

    I've been having arough go with vomiting, nausea, and bloated Ness. I have a pylori stricture for a while. Scoped in June unable to Dialate. Scoped in December able to dialate. It only lasted about 10 days before symptoms came back. Scoped last Thursday and this time it only worked for a...
  6. jlm

    I thought something was really wrong today

    When I got into work today I started feeling really strange. Symptoms included: -Weird vision, kind of blurry with with a sparkly zigzag line -numbness in left hand/tingling -numbness in upper left lip -super bad headache -sore eyes and pressure behind eyes -rapid heart beat -felt flushed, hot...
  7. jlm

    Long term insurance question, what do you think this means?

    So this is the first line in my handbook... If you are disabled, Standard Life will pay you a monthly benefit. To be eligible for this benefit, your Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance must be in force at the onset of your disability. Whats the onset of my disability... is it the day I can't...
  8. jlm

    Stupidest thing I've ever done!

    So I've traveled home for the holidays. Winnipeg to Glace Bay Nova Scotia. Packing was a challenge with all of the Xmas presents I had to take home. Plus since I do TPN each night I have to take my supplies and they have to stay cold. So I sent them early before my flight to my parents so...
  9. jlm

    Weight Gaining Shakes

    Hello, So I'd love to find a shake to gain weight that is pretty natural, no perservatives or soy, that tastes good, and doesn't break the bank. I do TPN every night and I've currently maxed out the concentration of calories. My doc suggested I do 6 days, but I just can't get those extra...
  10. jlm

    Is there such thing as too much antacids?

    In the rum of a day I take zantac, rabeprazole twice a day, tums when needed and I get 3mg of zantac in my tpn each night... can a person take to much? My doc is supposed to call in a presc for nexium instead of rabeprazole bbut hasnt yet. Will I really notice a difference?
  11. jlm

    Strange symptom

    Hi everyone. I've been experiencing this for months now off and on but this past week it's been every day. So I feel uncomfortably full after I it, and sometimes it may not be right away it could be 24 hours later. The only way to get rid of the feeling is to throw up. I end up throwing up what...
  12. jlm

    Is 102 (38.9) considered a fever?

  13. jlm

    Sitting in the ER at midnight

    So I've been having different issues off and on and I had this suspicion that I might have kidney stones. After spending the weekend vomiting today this pain set in. Sure enough! Just went to the washroom for the 15th time at the ER and passed like 4 small looking stones. Seriously. This is all...
  14. jlm

    Why am I so nauseous?

    Started last night after supper I thought I ate too much. But for my that doesn't take a lot. The full feeling has been with me since then and I've thrown up 3 times since and haven't ate one thing since. No fever, no pain, still going to the washroom. Just really uncomfortablely sick to my...
  15. jlm

    Long term disability insurance Denied!

    So I have no idea if this would be common knowledge or not, at the end of the day I didn't even know it would be a possibility. This post is about Long Term Disability Insurance provided by my benefits through my job. I've been there for a total of 5.5 years BUT there was a point of time where...
  16. jlm

    Have you had a cooks catheter?

    If so could you tell me how they took it out. Mines tunneled and it feels like there is a decently sized cuff under the skin.
  17. jlm

    Life spent in bathroom :(

    I have previously had 2 resections, at 9 and around 13. And I remember coming out of those perfectly normal. I recently had a resection in dec 2010 and it's been brutal. I can't eat anything that would be "hard" to digest, because it just doesn't. I'm going 10+ times a day. It's ridiculously...
  18. jlm

    Where to next?

    where to next? Hi all. I didn't plan in posting here but I'm currently sitting in thehospital and don't know what to do with myself. I'm 23 years old and was diagnosed in 1996. Since then I've done multple rounds of bowel rest and tpn, have had 3 resections, tune feeding and been on more...