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  1. mreyn

    Rejected Humira, Low prealbumin.. Help!

    Well, it's official. Bloodwork is back and he has no Humira in his system and high antibodies . Drs are looking for someone else for us to go see but in the meantime.. he has low prealbumin... does anyone know what I can do to help that??
  2. mreyn

    Dr. Tent

    Has anyone ever seen Dr. Tent? I'd love to hear your experiences, you can message me.
  3. mreyn

    Interesting Info

    I found a couple interesting things today just thought I'd share. I had never heard of such a thing..... The normal parvovirus does not seem to infect humans, but it has a relative called parvovirus B-19 belonging to a different genus, Parvoviridae that does infect people. It affects rapidly...
  4. mreyn

    Non injection/infusion options?

    My son was tried on pentasa, and some of the other things. Then moved to remicade after a prep for scopes ended him in the hospital. Had scary reaction on remicade, all labs showed normal, moved immediately to humira. My questions are... if your labs are showing normal, can't you stay off...
  5. mreyn

    Help finding dr please

    My son just built up antibodies to remicade and they want him on humira asap. We all feel we'd like to try something different, but I'm sure his current gi will not even consider ldn. Can someone please give me some direction as to how to get him to consider it or if there's a dr in my area who...
  6. mreyn

    Map treatment?

    Anyone had testing or been treated for map? And if so what was the outcome? I know Jini Patel also has a treatment for map in her book with natural antibiotics (but strong). Anyone else come from the thought that it's a virus/bacteria/mycotoxin, etc?
  7. mreyn

    Headaches- What are natural supplements for inflammation? How much vitamins?

    My son is having headaches which is inflammation. How can I be sure if he's taking enough multivitamins? Is there a certain amount he should be getting daily ? He doesn't eat right, so I know he's lacking and probably needs more than usual, I just don't know how much. He's taking probiotics, but...
  8. mreyn

    Anyone gone off Remicade and doing just as good?

    Our insurance assistance for our son who has Crohns and is on Remicade.. is ending. We are at a crossroads... find a way to afford the treatments or search for a different, and preferably natural route. Anyone who's gone off of Remicade... what treatments/supplements/protocols do you use and...
  9. mreyn

    How do you know when you can get off of remicade

    My son is currently on Remicade and doing good. But, about a week before, he starts getting really tired, etc and we feel like its just keeping symptoms at bay and that he's not actually healing. How do we know when he can getoff of remicade and maybe use supplements that block tnf but will...
  10. mreyn

    Are there any supplements not to take while on Remicade?

    My son is on Remicade. Is it ok to take high powered probiotics like Ultimate Flora, and turmeric/curcumin, and fish/krill oil while on Remicade?
  11. mreyn

    Dr Micheal Mccann

    Has anyone ever been to him for treatment? I'm trying to find contact information for him. Thank you
  12. mreyn

    High Calorie Nutrition Options

    I'm trying to find some high calorie nutritional supplements/replacements to help him gain weight. Looking for something without milk/milk proteins and that he will actually take that doesnt taste disgusting... for a 12 year old.
  13. mreyn

    [Submitted] Remicade, remission

    My son is on Remicade infusions every 8 weeks. we were told at first he could never get off of it, then we were told we would revisit the issue in a few years. I have heard of alot of people who are on remicade for years and still need to have surgeries/removals of diseased parts of intestines...
  14. mreyn

    Rapid Crohns remission

    Has anyone read this ebook? Please no negative remarks.. Just curious if its the same information like in crohnsboy, crohnsdad, or listentoyourgut because I have all that information. It was suggested to me by some friends of our family. Thanks
  15. mreyn

    Multivitamin, Probiotics, Fish oils, Fruit/Veggie supplement.. brands

    IF anyone has any brands that are used by Crohns kids/teens with absorption issues.. I"d love to get the information! He was on a liquid by childlife, but he hates it so I need to find a softgel or tablet. I'm looking for fish oil, probiotic, and multivitamin as well as fruit/veggie...
  16. mreyn

    Marine Phytoplankton, hemp products

    For those who use alternatives... I had joined a company right before my son got diagnosed but was sick and completely forgot about them until now...they have several products that I am considering getting for him but I'm not sure which are the most important and which he can take with...
  17. mreyn

    Interesting Article..

    Here is an excerpt from this article.. very interesting.. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2003/09/13/inflammatory-bowel-disease.aspx We’ve seen thus far that, in just about every case of inflammatory bowel disease, conventional treatment involves the use of...
  18. mreyn

    Ileitis..when its not crohns...does anyone know?

    Ok, so maybe Ive been doing too much research.. maybe its just a mothers refusal.. but I've been doing research since my son got sick and I still have a nagging feeling its not crohns. I have found pages of other things that mimic crohns but have more of his symptoms than crohns... like yersinia...
  19. mreyn

    Remicade alone or with Methotrexate or Imuran?

    I have a young son who is taking remicade.. the dr wants to add imuran but due to the warnings for young males,... we are not on board with that yet. I wanted to see how many of your kids are on remicade alone or with imuran or methotrexate and the side effects.. etc
  20. mreyn

    Remicade with supplements?

    My son has started taking remicade, but I want to try crohns dad protocol used for his daughter so we may be able to wean off remicade. Boswellia, curcumin and possibly ldn are the ones I'd like him to take.. my dr is no help with supplements.. anyone been on remicade that has taken any or all...