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  1. moogie

    Gone and back again.

    Hello everybody, I as gone a few months trying to get better. In January I had a pulmonary embolism and was admitted to the hospital. Stayed 3 days and then out I went. Had many treatments and I am now on coumadin (blood thinners) for the rest of my life. Then in February I had an abdominal...
  2. moogie

    15th remi treatment we are back on track. Good news.

    Going to my 15th remicade Treatment this afternoon. Will be eating Rice crispies squares and watching tv for a few hours. God I love the private clinics. Since this summer I have been feeling great. I guess my double dose is working out. I will be following up with my GI on November 1st as...
  3. moogie

    After Wildwood now I am going to NEW YORK!

    crohnies will travel, So I am leaving Friday in the night for New York City. My very first visit to the big apple. I'll be staying at a crappy hotel in New jersey and I'll be spending three day with my wife alone in New York. I want to visit the Aircraft carrier and the last space Shuttle...
  4. moogie

    14th treatment today friday September 14th

    I hope it's a good omen 14th treatment on the 14th Going this afternoon, will be watching a few episodes of Star-Trek Enterprise. Yeah I know everybody says it's a boring series but I love it. Scott Bakula is a great actor and Jolene Blalock is very nice to look at :-) My double treatment...
  5. moogie

    Rat man hits again!!!

    I'm getting my new treatment tomorrow. This is a first for me. MY treatment was suppose to be on August 3rd but I'll be on vacation in Wildwood then. Since I'm getting my treatments every 6 weeks it was first decided to wait until august 10th. But last week I started to be sensitive on my7...
  6. moogie

    Crohns and a vacation to Wildwood.

    Yeppers I'm taking the kids from Montreal to Wildwood in a week time. I called my insurance to make sure if something happens there I'll be covered. Turns out that my entire family is covered except me. IN order to be covered you cannot have had a doctors visit in the last 3 months or any...
  7. moogie

    Feeling better once again

    After the new double treatment of Remicade I feel better. My insurance company is not instead of costing them 4390$ it cost them 9999.99$ I'm certainly getting my money worth. I had terrible pains in my stomach last month and now everything is gone again. I hope this lasts once again.
  8. moogie

    Incoming Coloscopy

    Oh yeah... last week my drains at home were clogged up. Shit everywhere had to get a plumber over to fix it. Now it seems my personal drain is clogged up too and I need a coloscopy. July 3rd is the big day. The only good thing in all of this is I will be pumped full of drugs and I will be on a...
  9. moogie

    Damn thing is back again!!!

    Went for my quarterly blood test last month and then I get a phone call from my doctor. I was not suppose to see him again before August. Not a good sign. So I see him Monday and he says that my blood shows signs of CD and that is not a good thing. I have been feeling tired lately but no real...
  10. moogie

    Sharp pain near my belly button

    This is the second time during my remi treatment where I am getting sharp pain in my stomach on my right side near my belly button. It feels like having a big bruise. Like I did to many sit-ups. It only hurtsd when I compress my stomach. Sitting down at work is painfull. The only time I have...
  11. moogie

    I think I hate popcorn.

    This week-end I celebrated, I'm selling my house, Good think because my mother in law lives upstairs and she is completly crazy and I can't live there anymore. Then I pre-bought Diablo 3 that is coming out May 15th can't wait to play it. (if anybody is getting it and wants to play a game or two...
  12. moogie

    Insurance pre-approval for remicade.

    Good morning, I was wondereing if it's pretty much the same procedure with other insuracne companies out there. Every year I have to get pre-approved for Remi with my two insurance companies. I cannot get the medication without this approval. Meaning The company that gives me Remi is caled...
  13. moogie

    Getting my remi every 6 weeks. next shot Feb 17th

    This is the second time I get my shot within 6 weeks period and I just love it. When I was on 8 weeks shots I always had 3 weeks of hell. 10 days before I started pains and it took another 10 days to feel better. Now getting them every 6 weeks there is no going down anymroe. I feel great...
  14. moogie

    Muscle aches in and around belly button

    I have this on and off for a while now. It hurts when I use those muscles, getting up bending downs tying my shoes, It's like I've done 100 sit ups. Anybodyever had that before using remicade? Or am I just out of shape? (real possibility) Since breaking my leg in April and starting to ealk...
  15. moogie

    Stressed out any thoughts on how to relax

    Hello everybody, I'm having some serious problems with my GF at home. I'm stressed out and I cannot fix the problem my gf has to pick herself up and make changes. So I have this stress ball in my stomach and I can,t seem to get rid of it. Hot showers sleep, everything I try does not seem to...
  16. moogie

    Rat juice coming this friday Jan 6th!

    Woohoo, My GI changed my prescription to 6 weeks instead of 8. Usually when I got to my treatment I was sick again and suffering. It took another week to 10 days to start feeling better again. Now I'm going Friday and I am still feeling great!! Just wnated to share a good thought! Have a...
  17. moogie

    Immunocal What is it really?

    Good afternoon, everybody, A friend at work told me I should be using this stuff in order to help with my plague... Anybody ever hear about Immunocal?? Any thoughts?
  18. moogie

    The goodness of Remicade

    With xmas coming I was remembering how I passed last xmas. Last year I was in pain could eat anything was dead tired and was a real downer for my entire family. I had no idea this site existed. This year I am in the middle of my treatment and while on remi I still am careful of what I eat I...
  19. moogie

    Getting remicade just when starting a cold?

    getting remicade just when starting a cold? I have a soar throat but no fever or runny nose. I'm vaccinated for the flu. I'm due for my remicade treatment tomorrow and god knows I want it and need it. Thoughts about getting it even though I have a soar throat. Thanks
  20. moogie

    In pain again...

    in pain again... Hello everybody... I'm 1 week away from my 5th remicade treatment, Whenever I get around 10 to a week away I start having terrible pains again. It's so terrific to be 7 weeks without any pains that when this starts it's a real hell!!! Anybody else have this situation? I'm...