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  1. angiemitch

    Recto-Vaginal Fistula - Does it *have* to be treated/fixed?

    The reason I ask if it *has* to be be fixed/treated is that although I have one, other than passing gas through the vagina, I have no other symptoms or problems with it. I have never ever had stool come through it ... only gas. And since I had a bowel re-section (last summer), I have had a LOT...
  2. angiemitch

    In hospital waiting for re-section - should be today 6/26/12

    I'm just getting anxious and annoyed at the waiting. Canadian health care system may be free but there's still always a catch. I've been having multiple bowel obstructions for the past 6-8 weeks (and many over the past year too) ... but most recently it has gotten to the point where I cannot...
  3. angiemitch

    Pain relief post-surgery - Pump or Epidural?

    Hi all; Just a question. I've been given the option for my pain relief immediately following my re-section surgery. They will either give me an epidural, or a morphine pump where I can press the button as needed. Any opinions? My sister-in-law is a nurse on a post-surg floor, and she...
  4. angiemitch

    ER visit, obstruction missed on x-rays, sent home as "fine"

    I've been experiencing obstructions quite often over the past year (probably 8-10 in a year) ... and since I went for a surgical consult a month ago where it was recommended that I go off all meds (specifically the pred) prior to surgery ... I've been obstructing almost every other day. Not...
  5. angiemitch

    New - have Crohn's, strictures, frequent obstructions, waiting on first re-section

    Hi everyone; I've read plenty of entries on this site for advice, but have never registered and joined until today. My name is Angie, I'm 39 years old, and was diagnosed with Crohn's about 5 years ago. I was in total denial that I had Crohn's, as I didn't have any of the classic symptoms that...