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  1. Trevor

    Freaky Eaters Cola and Calories

    So the gf wanted to watch a show called Freaky Eaters the last week and I somewhat grumpily complied. Turns out it's a very informative little production. 22 yr old radiology tech drinks 30 - 36 cans of 'cola' (Coke) a day for 4+ years. Lets say 30 to make the math easier... 30 x 140 cal =...
  2. Trevor

    Blueberries !?

    Healthy snack or tiny berry of death? Do other IBD folks react badly to these things? If I eat more than a half cup it's an instant all-day bathroom pass. Quinoa, blueberries and wheat/yeast/gluten (something in baked goods) are my nemesises. That's a word...
  3. Trevor

    SSI Vaccine Trial

    Hey guys and gals, I'm on the list for an SSI Vaccine trial here in Vancouver with Qu Biologics. I know a bit about it but not as much as I'd like. Has anyone already done this in the first phase or through compassionate care? Really any advice on trials and whatnot would be fantastic. Right...
  4. Trevor

    Question and Report on Progress

    Hello all, Good news or bad news first? Alright, good news. The good news is that I've gotten off Pred and onto LDN successfully (one failed attempt earlier this year) and about 6 weeks in I've seen what I'd classify as remarkable progress. Little to no pain or cramping, much better...
  5. Trevor

    So I started a blog? LDN and Paleo Autoimmune.

    So I started a blog? Questioning this because I wasn't really planning on it but it seems to be a really effective way to keep myself accountable. Basically just a food and medication diary because I am starting the Paleo Autoimmune protocol and LDN as of today. I'm not really publizicing it...
  6. Trevor

    SCD Yogurt hard on the system?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone else finds the SCD yogurt a bit rough? I'm feeling epically fantastic as of late but every time I throw down some of this yougurt I immediately feel bloated? Which I dislike because the yougurt is delicious and supposedly the best thing ever invented for gut...
  7. Trevor

    Contradictory Diet Advice Everywhere

    More of a rant than a question. But... But how does everyone make diet decisions? Between SCD, GAPS, FODMAP, Paleo and my naturopaths lgG and lgE blood tests I can pretty much only eat chicken and fish and maybe some nuts and red wine. The really frustrating thing is that all these diets have...
  8. Trevor

    SeaCure and/or Intestive: Anyone tried?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has used either of these products? They seem to come up a lot when I am surfing through articles and forums on gut health. Thanks! http://www.seacure-protein.com/products/intestive.html
  9. Trevor

    Unknown Issue? Expert opinions?

    So I'm feeling REALLY good overall. But the very bottom end of things (rectum/anus) not so much. First time this has really been an issue. Every doctor I see has said something different. GI said I may have an abscess and skin tags and gave me the regular antibiotics (this was months ago)...
  10. Trevor

    Questions about dairy and starch and gluten-free.

    Hey all, So last week I cut gluten and dairy and soy and sugar from my diet. This week I feel awesome which is great but now I've got all sorts of questions. First is dairy. Is this normally something that bothers Crohn's people? I never really drank much milk but it would be nice to maybe...
  11. Trevor

    Humira for all those 'other' symptoms.

    Hey everyone. So I'm at the end of my rope with all these other symptoms of Crohn's. Erythema nodosum, a swollen tongue, ankles that swell up to softball size and could heat the whole house (neck and knee and finger issues too). On the bright side I've been taking probiotics (Bio-K) and lots...
  12. Trevor

    This sucks, but this place is great!

    I've been sneaking around for a few weeks now and figured I had better stop being anti-social and say hello! Signed up and everything. A little background info for those interested. I'm Trevor, 23, Canadian. Commercial photography student, English tutor and Crohn's sufferer. My mom has had UC...