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    Acute Pancreatitis and Crohn's? Can pancreatitis go away on its own?

    I've had acute pancreatitis once before, about a month after taking Imuran. I could feel it for a full week before they finally diagnosed via CT. That was about 5 years ago. I've got that pain in my right side/back that feels like I was punched. Nausea comes and goes. The pain gets worse...
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    Hemorrhoids or something else? Possible rupture

    I'm not sure where to put this, so admin feel free to move as appropriate. Warning, a bit TMI. I was dx with crohn's about 6 years ago after chronic anemia and a capsule endoscopy. My favorite coping mechanism is denial and humor. My pain threshold is pretty high. I'm fine, until I'm not...
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    Antiobiotics and IBD -need suggestions on handling side effects

    I came down with a UTI on Saturday. I haven't had one in years, and not at all since starting Remicade 4 years ago. I had an antibiotic on hand, I confirmed with my doc it was OK to take it. I haven't had to take them in years, and the GI side effects are horrible. It feels like a flare...
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    Now what?

    This is a brief and mainly pointless rant. The prednisone has not helped my pain 10 days in. The doctor responds that "Prednisone would have helped if the pain was due to crohn's." So sending me for a HIDA scan to evaluate gallbladder function. First of all, is that even true...
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    Does prednisone cause shaking?

    I'm on a low dose, 30mg per day, and I've only had 3 doses. My body's thermostat is out of whack, I'm achy, and I've had trouble with my hands or legs shaking. It doesn't seem like this should be possible? So, maybe a flare? Or a psychosomatic reaction because I'm an idiot??
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    Mild stricture at IC Junction

    I had an upper endoscopy with dilation and a colonoscopy this afternoon. Not the first time doing it. Doc said the colon looked good, but there was a mild stricture and inflammation at the IC junction. And since stricture means a capsule endoscopy would be riskier, my labs are all normal, and...
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    Obstruction? How long is too long?

    I was dx'd with crohn's around 5 years ago. I talked to my GI a few weeks ago because I had been bouncing between constipation and diarrhea, with increased abdominal pain. Eating was causing a lot of pain, so I cut way back on food. Doc sent me for an MRI. They found soft tissue thickening...
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    Extra vaccinations due to compromised immunity

    I had a check-up with my PCP yesterday. She's amazing. Her mom had crohn's and her daughter has RA, so she listens to me and never looks at me like I'm crazy. She suggested I get a pneumonia vaccine (PREVNAR 13), she said she recommended it for her daughter, too. So I did it. And my arm...
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    Boost or Ensure?

    I need to maintain low residue/low fiber for at least the next 2 weeks, until I have another colonoscopy. I don't think low residue is cutting it, and the doc said if I needed to stick with liquids that I should add liquid nutrition like Boost or Ensure. I read the ingredients and one of them...
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    Does esophageal stricture correlate to intestinal stricture?

    I'm dx with crohn's. The diagnosis came 5 years after a diagnosis of lichen planus in my esophagus. Short version, I have regular dilations to keep my esophagus open. It's mostly scar tissue, which of course isn't very mobile -the only way to open it is to tear it- so at this point we're...
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    Crohn's AND IBS? fodmaps?

    I saw another thread that was 7 years old. If there is a current thread about this would someone please give me a heads up? I met my 3rd GI specialist in as many years yesterday, which had me all stressed out. They've all been great, but they keep leaving the clinic. Anyway. New doc...
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    Introducing myself

    I'm new here. Not new to IBD. I'm allergic to azathioprine/Imuran. Found out the fun way. Budesonide/entocort did nothing for me. Methotrexate didn't help the crohn's but caused a lot of other problems. Prednisone turned me evil and made me fat. Really, though, does anyone NOT hate that stuff...