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  1. J

    Ostomy and snacks?

    I'm looking for some good snacks that I can either make or buy which work for my ileostomy. I often work crazy hours, 13-14 hours on Mondays and the rest can be anywhere from a normal 8 to 14 hours. I'm getting hungry quite often and I'm completely sick of eating peanut butter and jelly...
  2. J

    Ostomy bag question?

    I usually wear a two-piece system as they always have belt tabs, which I need or else the bag falls off. I would like to move to a one-piece system as it costs less and they are usually a bit more flexible than two-piece systems. If you know of any one-piece systems with belt tabs please let...
  3. J

    Healthy food for ileostomy

    What are some healthy foods y'all eat? Since making my surgery permanent in August I've gained around 30 pounds and am almost at my ideal body weight. Unfortunately, even while exercising I'm gaining more fat than I'd like. I'm looking for some healthy foods that are rather filling because I'm...
  4. J

    Hypafix tape

    I have been having off and on problems with dermatitis around my stoma site where the tape is. I learned I had to cut away the original tape and use my own, so I've been using 3m waterproof tape. It's better than most of the other tapes I have tried, but I still get reactions to it. The tapes I...
  5. J

    Incision bleeding

    Hey guys, so it's getting close to two weeks since my surgery. My main incision has not fully healed and is bleeding quite a bit. Today I've had to put gauze on the area several times in order to keep it covered. This morning at 2am I looked at the area and cut the tape off my appliance to get a...
  6. J

    Proctocolectomy surgery

    Tomorrow I'm having my temporary ileostomy made permanent. I'm kind of excited that I will no longer need to run to the bathroom when I have to pass mucous haha. I'm also a bit nervous about the recovery. I'm going to one of the best surgeons for the surgery and he will be performing it...
  7. J

    New coloplast bag?

    I just got samples of the new coloplast bags and am wondering if I can use the same prep as always with it? Is there anything to know before trying them. Thank you Jeff
  8. J

    Possible new surgery

    I have been getting abscesses on my perineum for the past two years, with several being attributed to MRSA, and now my GI believes I need to turn my loop ileostomy into an ileostomy with a total colectomy and proctectomy. Now that I am no longer studying to be a priest and am looking to...
  9. J

    Creatine with ostomy

    My dear Crohn's friends, It has been quite a while since I have last posted here but I am really beginning to feel better and after exercising for a bit I'm hoping to start really working out soon. I was wondering if any of my fellow ostomates have taken protein powders or creatine so...
  10. J

    I love MRSA...ugh

    So I've had two cases of MRSA the past several months: once in my nose and the other on my left but cheek. Well the other day I got some swelling and pain right near my ostomy bag, it's to the right of it by about two inches. This morning when I went to wash the area it popped and out came the...
  11. J

    Just a vent

    Hey guys, it's been a while. Anyways, on my way to seminary this year I saw I had an abscess in my nose. I went the next day to a doc and they said it was MRSA so heavy antibiotics. I have felt pretty cruddy for the past several months and prior to that. Now I was just diagnosed with a boil on...
  12. J

    Canker Sore Vent

    Hey guys, I've got what feels like a million canker sores in my mouth at the moment. They seem to be multiplying by the minute. I'm in so much pain that I just want to cry. I can't focus, my head is throbbing, and my entire mouth feels like it's on fire. I've tried oragel and it's only...
  13. J

    Some questions

    I was wondering how many others have gotten Crohn's in their mouths before? About five weeks ago I noticed an ulcer form in my mouth and then another and then another. I have one in the back of my mouth and one which seems to be forming on the opposite side. About two weeks ago I started...
  14. J


    Hey guys, I just wanted to update y'all with how things are going. I finished my first semester of seminary last Thursday and now I'm recovering from the lack of sleep and resting my mind a little bit. I haven't had and stomach problems at all since I began and that's been wonderful. I was...
  15. J

    Ostomy belt idea

    I've been thinking for a little while about how bad the idea of just a two point belt attachment system is for the ostomy, well at least for me. How would you guys think of a four point system where the belts could offer more support and offer a better pressure on the stomach. Sorry, this is...
  16. J

    Weird things

    The past few days I've been sick with some sort of virus and my stomach has been funny as well. Just a minute ago I got tightness in my stomach and out comes some real chunky stool. When I went to feel it I had a bunch of hard bits in there and one of the bits is about an inch long and seems...
  17. J

    Good things about an ostomy

    After reading the poop sample discussion in the General Discussion area I realized that although I haven't had to do such a thing, at least by myself, but now that I have an ostomy all I'd do is hand them my bag and let them deal with it.haha
  18. J

    Columbus, OH

    Hey guys, I'm going to be living in Columbus for most of the year for at least two years and most likely six to seven so I need a GI just in case something happens to me. I'm hopefully I will be keeping my GI right now as my primary but I still need an in case as my doctor will be about six...
  19. J

    Slight leak?(Convatec content)

    So I've been going with Convatec as my primary tool for the job. I have found only one problem with it and I'm wondering if it is design or me. I have the Convatec roll up/velcro type bag. I'm finding that after a few days, depending maybe a day, I will open up my bag to find a little bit of...
  20. J

    The Move

    Does anyone else get "the move" or "the creep"? What I'm talking about is I'll put my wafer and everything on perfectly, by the end of the day or maybe the next day my wafer is now pushed into my stoma with a nice gap on the other side? I think I've finally figured our what caused it and is...