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  1. seebee

    Scope Results

    I had a colonoscopy yesterday and was wondering if someone can help me understand the findings. This is what it says "a benign-appearing, intrinsic moderate stenosis was found at the ileocecal valve and was non-tranversed, with associated pseudopolyp, precluding intubation of ileum." The doctor...
  2. seebee

    Interesting News Item about Japan

    I sure hope the stores are well stocked in Japan. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/japan-urges-toilet-paper-stock-major-quake
  3. seebee

    ESR up CRP down

    I got results today from the bloodwork that I had done on Tuesday. I didn't expect my numbers to be within range as 2 weeks ago, my numbers were elevated. However, I didn't think that my ESR would almost double at the same time that CRP went down. I am not experiencing abdominal pains so I am at...
  4. seebee

    Dr. or PA returns calls

    I'm just wondering who calls you back when you try to reach your doctor - the doctor himself or the PA in the office. I am trying to reach my doctor for the last 10 days. When I call the office, the PA returns the calls and I'd rather speak to my doc than the PA. He's associated with a hospital...
  5. seebee

    Can azathioprine cause joint pain?

    Hi, I've been on Azathioprine since the end of May. In middle of July, I started having pain in my right knee. I went to an orthopeadic who said it was something to do with the pattella. At this point however, the pain is also in my left knee as well as both elbows and sometimes my wrists too...
  6. seebee

    Aches and pains

    I was wondering what I can blame my aches on - the general CD or the meds. I have been on Pentasa and Azathioprine (50 mg) for the past two months. Two weeks ago, I developed joint pain in both ankles and my right knee. On Saturday, I started having back pain that hasn't left yet. So what do you...
  7. seebee

    Obamacare and Crohn's Disease

    Now that the president's health reform was declared constitutional by the Supreme Court what does it mean for someone with a disease like Crohn's? Do you think it's to our advantage? I was just wondering since I was never pro Obamacare to begin with.
  8. seebee

    Prescription question

    I decided to order my medication through my insurance's pharmacy (Express Scripts). I just checked online to see if it went thru and I saw that the doctor prescribed azathioprine but the medicine on order is mercaptopurine :ybatty:. I will have to call them to find out what the story is but I...
  9. seebee

    All About Me

    Hi everyone, I'm a 24 year old female and this is the story to my diagnosis of Crohn's disease. In 2006, I tried to give blood but was told I was anemic. My doc sent me for further testing and I even saw a hemotologist. My ferritin was low and he put me on iron pills. I then had abdominal pains...