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    Help with C. Difficile Please?

    Hey all. Can you guys help me with c. difficile? I need to know what a person should do/not do and eat/not eat to recover from this. Already on Flagyl - 1500mg/day for at least 2 weeks. It's not me who has this, but someone close to me. I just need info so I can help. What about yogurts...
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    Sacroiliac Joint Pain (Help Please!!)

    Hi guys... I wasn't sure where to post this. When my current-but-soon-to-be-former GI was insistent that I had IBD, I began having terrible sacroiliac joint pain. He said that it was caused by the CD/UC. This week, I've been having an awful flare. Do any of you have this? How do you treat...
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    I'm scared - end of "The Good Life?"

    I don't know if I should be posting here. Or at all, for that matter. But I'm scared. And I know you guys know what it's like. Background for newbies: 29-yr-old female, sick off and on since contracting H. pylori at age 10 or 11. Got really sick in 2005. Couldn't find reason why, even after...
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    Why am I losing so much weight?

    Feel weird posting this... but a lot of you understand my situation and what I've been through, so I'm going to ask anyways. Thank you for being supportive. So at my heaviest, I weighed 170. I felt disgusting. That was in 2004, and during my love affair with Burger King. Then by my wedding...
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    Peanut Butter?

    Can you guys handle peanut butter well? I don't think I can live without it - I'd rather give up my gallbla--- oh wait... :tongue: But seriously, I love peanut butter. It's always been a staple for me. But I am beginning to think it doesn't like me. Is it a no-no for people w/IBD?
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    Immunity Foods

    Found this on MSNBC. I know some of us can't have some of these, but thought it may be worth posting: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33970661/ns/health-diet_and_nutrition/
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    Gallbladder causing pain, nausea, vomitting

    Ok, so I just talked to my GI and got my results from the HIDA scan. He said, "Your gallbladder is pathetic. It just sits there and does nothing." Awesome. So what now? According to GI, "It needs to go bye-bye." So he referred me to a surgeon, who I have to call tomorrow, and set up an...
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    HIDA tomorrow!

    So I finally call to pre-register for the HIDA scan on 11/12. After going through all that crap, I ask the woman if there's any way I can check if someone cancels, so I can get in sooner, since I'm barely able to eat/keep anything down. She transfers me over to scheduling, and lo and behold...
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    Can't Eat Solids

    Having problems with regular solid foods again. After I eat, I get a lot of pain in my LRQ and URQ/middle (gallbladder area?) and nausea, sometimes to the verge of throwing up. I guess my question is this: What can I eat that isn't too fattening (in case it is gallbladder), vegetarian, and...
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    Off Humira - Now What?

    So I've been taken off of Humira because the GI agreed that it was making me feel worse. I would've taken it next Friday again. I still have 2 stupid pens in my fridge that'll now just sit there.... does anyone know if the pharmacy will take them back? Seems like such a waste. If anyone's been...
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    Gallbladder/HIDA scan info please :)

    Ok, I know if I'm sick of hearing about myself talk about this, you most likely are, too ;) At my appointment yesterday, GI decided it is probably my gallbladder causing the most recent issue. I know a few people have had gallbladder problems and/or have had them removed. I have a HIDA scan on...
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    Help - GI appt tomorrow

    Hey all. Thanks to everyone for listening to me complain for the last 2 months about not knowing what's going on with my body (stupid body). For those just joining us, I have been really sick for over a year w/Crohn's/UC stuff, but this is in addition to that stuff. I'm on Humira, Canasa, and...
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    Feeling worse on Humira

    Anyone ever had Humira make them feel worse? I started a little over 2 months ago. Before that, I was having D up to 8x/day. Urgency was terrible. Never knew I had to go until like 5 seconds before I did! HOWEVER........ Now, although I'm more able to tell when I have to go, when I go to...
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    Normal?! Advice please!!!! :(

    I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like crap every single day. My upper abdo feels like someone has just punched me. I'm nauseous and vomiting (just bile). I can't digest fat. This is aside from the whatever-I-have-either-Crohn's-or-colitis every day stuff that I feel. I just want...
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    Humira and headaches

    Anyone who's been on/who is on Humira - have you experienced headaches while on it? I know it's listed as one of the side effects, but so are a lot of things. I think smelly dogs is on that list somewhere :) I am, and am having to take Tylenol almost every day. Can't be good for my insides...
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    Anyone with pancreas problems?

    I'm going for (yet another) endoscopy on the 19th because of the whole not-absorbing-fat thing, pain in my upper abdo, and the 2 lumps there in that spot. GI said he's thinking either Crohn's or problem w/pancreas. Have any of you guys had a problem w/your pancreas?
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    Lump in abdomen

    Question - anyone experience random lumps? I have one that popped up in my upper abdomen, where I'm having problems and pain (don't know why yet - cat scan was negative, endo on 10/19). I can't really explain its size because it's not round... more like oblong?
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    Swallowing pills causes nausea

    Hi guys. Do any of you have trouble taking pills? I'm not having trouble swallowing them, but as soon as I do take them, I get really nauseous and it feels like I'm going to throw up. Anyone have this problem or know what it could be?
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    Pillcam the way to go?

    With all the problems I've been having lately, like being seemingly partially-diagnosed, then maybe it could be this or that, and now not being able to absorb any fat and being so sick because of it (without taking stupid stupid stupid Creon with every single thing I eat - if I forget to bring...
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    Little bump on my upper stomach and abdominal pain

    Please help... If anyone has any ideas or anything about this, I'll gladly take it. I'm so frustrated right now. I stopped being able to absorb fat recently and was put on Creon. It definitely helps! But still don't know WHY this has happened. Last week, dr. said either Crohn's or something...