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    Questions to ask GI

    Good question. I don't know if it's cheaper, but it does carry a risk of needing surgical retrieval if it can't get all the way through, because of stricture, etc. They may start with a colonoscopy because it's easier to access. Why put you through a pill cam or MRI if they find the answer...
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    Questions to ask GI

    I agree, for the same reason. I was finally diagnosed after a pill cam. My problems so far have been limited to the small bowel. Chronic anemia. I get iron infusions every year and a half to two years when my iron stores get low.
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    Notice from Insurance about Switching from Remicade to Biosimilar

    I had my infusion this past Tuesday. I don't know if it's related or not, but I suspect I've got a touch of pancreatitis going on. SMH. It never ends.
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    Acute Pancreatitis and Crohn's? Can pancreatitis go away on its own?

    I've had acute pancreatitis once before, about a month after taking Imuran. I could feel it for a full week before they finally diagnosed via CT. That was about 5 years ago. I've got that pain in my right side/back that feels like I was punched. Nausea comes and goes. The pain gets worse...
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    Notice from Insurance about Switching from Remicade to Biosimilar

    My insurance did that to everyone about a year ago. I haven't noticed much difference. But my iron stores were low, so last month was iron infusions and the past 9 days has been a flare up. Liquids only today and it's the best I've felt in a week. So maybe they're not the same and the brain...
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    Baby food for adults?

    I agree. What seems unappetizing at one point changes when you run out of options. Like spinach in a smoothie. I didn't think I'd be into that, but when I'm not flaring it's good.
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    Hemorrhoids or something else? Possible rupture

    GI response was that it might be a thrombosed hemorrhoid. He said take Metamucil or citrucel every day for 4 weeks, sitz baths, and chug water. I'm glad he didn't ask for a stool sample or an office appointment. If it gets bad, causes lots of pain, etc, I'll follow up. But it's not bugging...
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    Hemorrhoids or something else? Possible rupture

    Bleeding doesn't phase me. Most of my issues have been small bowel inflammation, etc. There wasn't any bleeding when the thing popped, although there appears to be a dark bruise there now. There was bright red bleeding... yesterday, i think? Could have been Monday? But only when having a...
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    Hemorrhoids or something else? Possible rupture

    They DID choose that profession! Lmbo! What a bunch of freaks! Thank you for that 😄 Definitely don't want to be in the hospital 😳 Except for a bad reaction to Imuran, I've managed to avoid hospital stays.
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    Hemorrhoids or something else? Possible rupture

    I'm not sure where to put this, so admin feel free to move as appropriate. Warning, a bit TMI. I was dx with crohn's about 6 years ago after chronic anemia and a capsule endoscopy. My favorite coping mechanism is denial and humor. My pain threshold is pretty high. I'm fine, until I'm not...
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    BioSimilar Switch - Remicade to Inflectra

    Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry it hasn't worked, especially considering the prednisone. Yuck!
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    BioSimilar Switch - Remicade to Inflectra

    I'm slightly concerned about this. But my GI says most people have been OK and I trust him. So I'll try it. I've had the Remistart/Janssen Carepath rebate the whole time I've been on remicade, so this might actually cost me more. Don't know yet. Thanks for the info :)
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    BioSimilar Switch - Remicade to Inflectra

    Thanks. I know this is an old thread I just was hoping someone might have some experience to share. I have a message in to my GI. We'll see what he says. They want me to switch effective 4/1/2020. I'm allergic to Imuran, which knocks out that whole class of drugs for me. Methotrexate didn't...
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    BioSimilar Switch - Remicade to Inflectra

    Did anyone notice a difference, long-term? My insurance company just send me a letter about the same switch.
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    Antiobiotics and IBD -need suggestions on handling side effects

    I came down with a UTI on Saturday. I haven't had one in years, and not at all since starting Remicade 4 years ago. I had an antibiotic on hand, I confirmed with my doc it was OK to take it. I haven't had to take them in years, and the GI side effects are horrible. It feels like a flare...
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    Does diet really help?

    I felt great on the low fodmap diet, but I think part of it may be that when I'm flaring, or anemic and exhausted, the food I eat is whatever is convenient that won't increase the torture. So I was missing a LOT of nutrients. I got started by sitting down with a nutritionist. I kept a food...
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    Hair loss

    My GI had me take folic acid when he started me on mtx, he said to prevent hair loss from the meds I've been on remicade for 4ish years now, and I notice the hair fall most when I'm showing more symptoms. It's annoying, to say the least
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    Adulting IS hard! I stared with dysphagia when I was 12/13 but was told i was making it up, so I went untreated until early 20s. Dx'd with esophageal lichen planus (which is weird, docs think it's cool), and crohn's a few years later. Sometimes parents need parents of their own. If that's...
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    Glad you found a good practitioner, bummer about the flare and hopefully no polyps!
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    Soooooo disappointed!!! 😒 😣😖😡

    Ugh! I'd consider contacting the clinic and giving them feedback about your experience. I forget where, but one of the chronic illness blogs has a post or an article about "Why you should fire your doctor -and let them know WHY". Although, you also don't want to be labeled as "difficult" on...