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    ¡Muy guay! En China, se ha presentado un ensayo clínico anti-TNF para tratar COVID-19, utilizando el #Humira #biosimilar Me encantaría saber qué piensan los expertos en factores de necrosis antitumoral cc @DCharabaty @IBDMD @MondayNightIBD https: // fuente...
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    Corona Virus

    https://source.gbihealth.com/News/NewsDetail?newsID=2033762&fbclid=IwAR1aJ789BXyAapCV3DwH4CnD2IHS6sNSFacSnmdRZGvWhOgiquRBl6cApGI Bio-Thera’s adalimumab biosimilar to be turned on COVID-19 02/25/2020 China Drug Pharma & Biotech Website chictr.org.cn indicates that China-based Bio-Thera...