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    Picky eater

    Has anyone become a picky eater since they developed crohn's? i've found my self skipping meals because I don't like the look of whats available. its usually pastas and asian dishes. Does anyone know a way around this?
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    Just had an anal abscess drained. The surgeon left the wound open. Does anyone know how long these take to heal? the wound is 2-3 cm long
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    What's more painful?

    what's more painful? ive herd that the cramps associated with crohn's is worse than child birth. i was just wondering which is more painful
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    noob Hi. my name is Phil. im new to this site. my story starts when i just turned 14, i had a major pain in the butt which turned out to be a perianal abcest. i had that drained but then about a week after that i started having stomach pains, it was my appendix. i had that removed, but i never...