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  1. Kazters

    Capsule Endoscopy experiences

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has had this test? I’m getting it in the next few weeks as although I’m receiving treatment my inflammation levels are increasing and when they did the normal gastro copy it showed more inflammation and ulcers (crohn’s really is the gift that keeps giving) I have...
  2. Kazters

    Swollen lymph nodes and glands

    swollen lymph nodes and glands hello, i noticed on wednesday before i got my humira injection (every two weeks but changing to weekley) i noticed a couple of sore lumps behind my left ear. i mentioned it to the nurse and he said to keep an eye on it, if more came to go to DR. i got an...
  3. Kazters


    Hello, I am Karen, im 27 and from Inverness, i was diagnosed in July after spending a week in hospital after loosing half by blood and having 3 transfusions. I have always had pain in my right side but it wsas always put off as being cronic. in may i was found to have an ulcer which wasnt...