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    I am currently on Cimzia and it is working!! BUT...my insurance provider is now saying they will not pay for it. My options are Remicade and Inflectra. I was on Remicade about 5 years ago and it failed. My doctor stated no going back. I've tried to research Inflectra (biosimilar to...
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    Hernia post right hemicolectomy

    I had a right hemicolectomy to include an ileocecal resection on jan 29th had a premature abscess so started Iv antibiotics and then oral. Now I am having pain at my incision. Well slightly to the left of it no real major bulge, although feels like maybe a slight one? Seems like it's been one...
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    Ileocecal resection and Gallbladder removal?

    I have an appointment with a surgeon on Friday as I have a stricture my GI says should be removed, but in doing a CT to see the severity of my Crohns we also found out I have gallstones. (Had an episode with that a week after I had an obstruction so kind of guessed I had the stones) Has anyone...