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  1. Ribo

    Need a Lift

    Hi everyone - I hate to post a thread like this but I've been in and out of the hospital 8 times since the first of the year. Luckily (I think) a double balloon enteroscopy performed in May found physical strictures in my small intestine. Surgery took place this past Tuesday (June 24) and here...
  2. Ribo

    Influenza question

    Question for folks - if you are immunocompromised and come down with flu symptoms, how common is hospitalization? By way of background, I contracted fungal pneumonia back in September and spent two weeks in the hospital. At the time I was on remicade, 6MP and Prednisone - basically a triple...
  3. Ribo

    Work/Life Stress / off topic rant

    I know this is way off topic but I just need to release some stress. For many this probably seems like much ado about nothing, but I suspect the added stress has impacted my CD, so maybe there's a sliver of on-topicness to this thread. I'm a small business owner. As I've been dealing with the...
  4. Ribo

    Choking on stomach fluid at night

    Not sure if this is where to post this, but I've recently been having a problem and not sure if its common or not. At night, if I lay down, I'll awaken maybe two to four times a week choking on stomach fluid / bile. Almost like I vomited just a little bit. I then spend as much as a couple of...
  5. Ribo

    Double Balloon Enteroscopy

    Curious is anyone has had this done and can talk a little about the experience and the results. My GI has referred me to a specialist to do this so they can get a full look at my small bowel and evaluate the damage as well as (hopefully) determine the causes of the multiple small bowel...
  6. Ribo

    Another day, another trip to the ER

    Frustrating one this time. I've learned enough about my condition that sometimes I need a pain reliever - Percocet - to cut the edge of the pain and stay ahead of my 'pain curve.' Not every day, but maybe every two, three, four days. It varies week to week. Started seeing the need on Monday...
  7. Ribo

    New participant, advice welcome

    New here, and still awaiting results of the Prometheus test, but GI doc suspects Crohn's based on result of a biopsy he took during a colonoscopy a few weeks ago. My story really started years ago, I've suffered from diarrhea for at least fifteen years, varying from as much as two or three days...