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  1. Jag23


    Has anyone used this before? I got a letter today saying I would be switching from Hurmira to Amgevita cause it’s cheaper.
  2. Jag23

    Travel Insurance

    Hi, Sorry if I’m posting this in the incorrect area but I’m just wondering if anyone knows if there was a change to medical questions for travel insurance (UK). One of the questions is “have you received an injection in the last 2 years to treat your illness” I don’t remember this question...
  3. Jag23

    Getting worse?

    I had a routine MRI scan a month ago to see if I can change meds from Hurmira to something else. I just got my results today and they said "acute chronic activity" The diseased area was 2cm its now 5cm and I can't get an appointment to see my doctor for 2 weeks. terminal ileum is where my...
  4. Jag23

    Cold Sores and Hair Loss

    I have been taking Humira for about 2 years now and in that time I've had one flare (Oct 2015). Other than that the injection has helped me so much. At the end of Jan I got a batch of cold sores but I didn't think anything of it cause I'm prone to them in winter anyway. I wake up with another...
  5. Jag23

    Low Folic Acid & Iron

    Hi, I've had crohns for roughly a year now, the first couple of months were pretty difficult but I was feeling okay since then. I have been really tired lately and had some stress at work which I think contributed to some mild pain so when I visited my GI doctor she did blood tests and they...
  6. Jag23

    Shoud you be syptom free on Pred?

    I started Pred for the first time about a month ago and they worked (stopped my stomach pains), this last few days and especially now I am in quite a lot of pain on and off. I've been told I have crohns but I've not seen a GI yet, I need a mri scan first
  7. Jag23

    Hunger pains

    Dose anyone else get really bad stomach pains when they are hungry? Not like like normal hunger pains but quite bad ones? As soon as I eat they went away. I'm new to crohns and this forum
  8. Jag23

    Looks like crohns

    I went into hospital just over a month ago when I was in agony with pains in my appendix, I was due for surgery the next morning as doctors thought I had appendicitis, during the night my pains lessened and they sent me home after an xray. I was still getting mild pain in the same area so went...
  9. Jag23

    MRI scan after colonoscopy?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and currently undergoing tests. I was under the impression that I would know for sure if I had crohns or not after my colonoscopy but the Dr is now wanting to do an MRI. She said it looks like crohns, just wondering why and MRI scan? Any info anyone can give me would...