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  1. Creepy Lurker

    Liver Ultrasound

    So, pretty much out of the blue, my Infliximab infusions have been dropped back to 8 weeks, and I have to get a liver ultrasound. One of my liver enzymes has been elevated for a while, but was told that it wasn't really a problem, and as far as I'm aware, it hasn't got any worse. What should...
  2. Creepy Lurker

    High vitamin b12

    Just got some test results today. B12 levels were highlighted as being over 1000. I'm not taking any supplements. Any reason it would be so high?
  3. Creepy Lurker

    Upper GI Scope

    So I have to have an upper GI scope. I've never had one before, so I've opted for a good whack of sedatives. What should I expect? Better than or worse than a colonoscopy (both with and without decent sedation)?
  4. Creepy Lurker

    Bone Density

    I had to chase up the results of my BD scan. Looks like I have the same density as a 60 year old woman. Damn steroids :( 'Below average at the femoral neck' and 'More below average at the lumbar spine'. Still acceptable though. Should I start taking calcium? Will that just cause problems...
  5. Creepy Lurker

    Infliximab and Cysts

    Shortly after starting infliximab, I developed a cyst in my mouth. My GP thinks that it could be a side effect of the drug. Has anyone else had spontaneous cyst growth after starting infliximab?
  6. Creepy Lurker

    I'm going to get fired...

    Missed too much work of late. Too tired to concentrate when I am there. I keep nearly crashing on the drive home from work because I'm exhausted, I give up.
  7. Creepy Lurker

    Remicade and Allergies

    I'm possibly going to be trying Remicade after my stricture dilatation. The only thing that concerns me is that I've always had pretty severe allergies. I'd like to know if having allergies will increase my chances of having a nasty reaction to it. Anyone else with allergies tried Remicade...
  8. Creepy Lurker

    Really really angry.

    I found out that my brother has been talking about me today. Apparently, I'm lazy and just use my disease as an excuse. I'm so angry now I actually feel sick. I can't confront him about it though because I shouldn't know. I've tried to explain exactly what this disease does to me, and he...
  9. Creepy Lurker

    Stricture Dilation

    So, in an attempt to avoid surgery, I'm going to try having my strictures dilated. Has anyone else had this? What were your experiences/results?
  10. Creepy Lurker


    I had a colonoscopy yesterday. It's been a while since my last, but it seemed that they took a lot of biopsies. I got a report afterwards which shows that they took 22. I have no idea if that's more than usual or not. Anyone know what the usual is?
  11. Creepy Lurker

    Flare Number 2

    Well, I've had Crohn's for about 10 years now. I spent the first 7 trying to get the first flare into remission. I've had two years of relatively symptom free life. I've been a bit rough over the last few weeks, so went for a blood test to get the ol' inflammatory markers checked. ESR (ref...
  12. Creepy Lurker

    Slowing down...

    Well, I've been on a low fibre diet for a few months now. I have to drink Benefiber to satisfy soluble fibre requirements. Over the last few weeks, I've started to 'slow down'. I was going to the bathroom once or twice a day (which is comfortable for me), but now, I find that I'll grind to a...
  13. Creepy Lurker


    So, I'm about to go on Modulen for a while. http://www.nestle.co.uk/Nutrition/HealthcareNutrition/SpecialistFeeds/ModulenIBD/ Anyone else been on it? How did it go? The thought of living without food for a few months is a bit daunting.
  14. Creepy Lurker

    Colonoscopy Alternatives

    I'm having some problems lately and think that the doctors will probably want to get a 'closer look'. The only problem is that my strictures are so severe that they couldn't even fit a paediatric scope through. Any ideas what might be suggested?