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  1. embyrr

    It's been a hard start to the year

    Hi fellow warriors, I just want to share some of my thoughts as January 2020 comes to a close. The year ended up well and on January 2nd I visited what seems like my fiftieth gastroenterologist since my Crohn's diagnosis at age thirteen. He is nicer and more open to questions than others have...
  2. embyrr

    Diverticulitis colitis

    Hi everyone, earlier this year I had another regular colonoscopy and right after the exam (before any biopsy results came in) my gastroenteroligist reassured my partner and myself that he did not think I have Crohn's disease. Having been diagnosed at age thirteen and being closely followed...
  3. embyrr

    I feel like I'm worth less [crohn's]

    Whenever it hits me I plummet into a darkness which is very hard to climb out of. I usually do and it doesn't always take days but it does floor me, make me feel sorry for myself, make me feel alienated. I feel dirty and unworthy of spending time with others since I won't be able to do what...
  4. embyrr

    I'm confused about my progress

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 13 and am now 26. I've been in remission for years, with only basic hiccups but for about a year now I've been feeling quite different. The stomach cramps and pains are more frequent. Nearly every day I wake up nauseous and will even vomit in the...
  5. embyrr

    Nausea - help me out?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to as if nausea was a common occurrence for you as well. I've had Crohn's since I was 13, but only in the last two years or so have I had issues with nausea. Today was one of those days - I had a great weekend, ate nothing strange - and I wake up today am unable to climb...
  6. embyrr

    A little history of denial and confusion

    Hi everyone, My name is Juan Carlos, I'm a half Swedish/half Colombian 25-year-old living in Brussels, Belgium. Just to tell you a little bit about myself: I was diagnosed with Crohn's after a holiday when I was 13. It was a painful time and I remember wondering why my stomach had bulged out so...